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Cryptocurrencies as a safe haven in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis


Investing in cryptocurrencies has become an easy thing to do. Now, is this a great moment after what happened with the Covid-19? Here is a possible scenario.

The financial markets, in just a few weeks, have wiped out everything gained in the recovery years. Some of the most outstanding values ​​at the international level have lost historical supports, which has caused an even more striking fall. Uncertainty about their vaccination, treatment and, moreover, when normality will be restored, is deteriorating the parquet flooring.

Given this situation, how has the cryptocurrency market reacted? Not surprisingly, fear has also gripped this market. However, taking a quick look at some of the main values ​​such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, among many others, it can be understood that the fall has been somewhat less moderate. In fact, it has been possible to save the previous most accused support.

The cryptocurrencies universe could become a safe haven in economic crises

After this, a continuous revaluation has been carried out, which has been maintained throughout the days. For example, the value of the 6,000 euros of Bitcoin has been trading for days, so it seems a very interesting point to value a positive entry. Still, it is important to note that in this type of digital currency, loss of capital is a possibility.

To minimize the risk, it is recommended to bet on a platform that guarantees that you can operate safely. As they are unregulated markets, investing through dubious reliability tools has become something to avoid. These began to emerge as cryptocurrencies began to position themselves as an alternative to conventional investment.

Platforms like Bitcoin Loophole also have additional services that improve the odds to make profits more easily. Let’s see, therefore, why the digital currency market could become one of the most projected in the coming years. What if growth expectations were higher than conventional investment?

A probability that increases as the days go by


Seeing outrageous increases in the cryptocurrency market is no longer a constant that happens every day. The stabilization of prices is something that is taking place as more people and entities are betting on a value that could serve as a refuge product. An economic crisis is coming due to inactivity to combat Covid-19. Will it be like the previous ones?

Economists disagree on what the evolution of unemployment, GDP, price level or production will be like. What does seem clear is that some alternatives such as gold or the cryptocurrencies themselves could take an anti-cyclical trend. Faced with a situation in which money will have to be injected into the economy to promote consumption, has the time come for the crypto market?

Cryptocurrencies have become a benchmark in the financial market

This, in terms of deposit investment, could be so. The average investor, if he wants a product with a low level of risk, will go to the deposit market. Where this error? Interest rates are very low to prevent investors from looking at these types of products and betting on products to consume today. Here’s where investing in cryptocurrencies could come into play.

It is true that these are products that are not yet under the control of an internationally recognized entity. However, the experience of the main exchange platforms means that the reliability of operations has increased for some time. It could be time, therefore, to invest in this type of alternative to conventional securities.

Do not operate with platforms not accredited by official bodies

Are all platforms for trading the same? Those responsible for managing regulated market orders are accredited by regulatory bodies in countries. Behind them, a detailed study has been carried out to verify that they operate legally and in compliance with established standards. Cryptocurrencies do not follow a regulated pattern, making fraud the order of the day.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies

To avoid this, it is recommended to go to forums that have a certain reputation. There you can see if other previous experiences were negative or if, on the contrary, it is worth betting on them. When choosing a particular program, it is very appropriate to choose one that offers the ‘Real time’ option. This will allow operations to be carried out just at the time it is ordered.

In addition, programs are beginning to appear that, thanks to the artificial intelligence they incorporate, are capable of detecting when it may be a good time to make or break positions. Taking into account that many more people operate the same, it is probable that these estimates will be correct with each of the estimates. And you, are you ready to invest in cryptocurrencies?

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