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How to create your first game on Roblox Studio: Ultimate guide


Playing games online is not so pleasant as creating your own game and Roblox is here for fulfilling your dreams. For those who are really imaginative and want to shape their imagination in the form of a game, Roblox is a revolutionary platform. Doesn’t matter you are a kid, a teenager or a college-going everyone can create the game based on their personal interest. You can build racing games, Zombie titles, or Superhero games on Roblox Studio. Millions of users are connecting with Roblox to enhance their creativity and amusement and if you want to join the Roblox community then I am here with my tutorial. I think you are getting influenced by the other game developers on Roblox studio but don’t be attracted and try to make your own.

So let’s start our guide on how to create your own game on Roblox platform and discover the formula to be the game developer on Roblox.

How to get started with Roblox Studio

How to get started with Roblox Studio?

Let me introduce Roblox Studio first, Roblox studio is the start point from where you can initiate your step in order to create your own game. Here you can make game models, worlds, upload objects and much more. Before getting started you must take the assistance of Roblox Wiki and I can bet after learning everything will look like so easy.

When you initially open the Roblox Studio it will look quite complicated but believe it is not. When you launch it, you will notice different templates to build your game and you can select as per your interest. Then you have to utilize the tabs located at the top of the screen and all depends on you whether you want to go for a world based or for themes based.

I suggest you get started with Obby as it one of the easiest game exist on the Roblox platform. For beginners, it is pretty simple to create and it looks like a Mario game where you have to run and jump to avoid obstacles.

Its time to create your first game on Roblox Studio

If you are a newbie then I highly recommend you to keep the things simple at the start and as I said above Obby games are pretty easy to create. So check out these steps in order to get started with Obby game:

  • First of all, choose an Obby template and load it.
  • After loading the templet your screen will divide into three sections and the midsection is your game environment where you can place items in order to shape your imagination.
  • You just need to click on objects from the toolbar section located at the left side and drag them to edit your playable world.
  • Apart from developing the structure, you can make changes in the time, day and night. All depends on you whether you want to switch to day time or night time.
  • You can make these changes from the right section called “Explorer”, you will get different options here and if you want to put some light in the background then click on the “Lighting”.
  • Lighting comes with various numbers and you have to set your desired time.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and get “TimeOfDay”.
  • Get the 24-hour version of the time you want to set.
  • After setting time jump to the Game Environment menu and tap on the floating squares.
  • If you want to modify the colors of your game then edit them from the Color option.
  • In the end, create Red squares to make your game more challenging. Red squares are the hurdles which will come in your player’s way to enhance the complexity.

Scripting and programming

Yay! You have made your game environment but still, it is not functioning. Without functioning it is worthless and you can’t publish it on the Roblox platform but no need to worry “Scripts” are for the game’s functionality. With Scripts, you can move, and control your game but you must have the knowledge of scripting. Roblox team know very well that you don’t aware of programming and scripting so there are many tutorials available created by the Roblox team for the same. As I said above you need to watch Roblox Wiki tutorials and these tutorials will provide you the basic knowledge of scripting.

In the begging, it will look daunting but when you start learning you will feel it pretty simple to learn.

Bottom Lines

This Minecraft like game got huge popularity across the world and became the one stop solution to shape your imagination. This fantastic game creation platform helps you to learn text-based computer programming and for kids, it’s like a boon. Are you ready to get started with Roblox Studio? If yes then follow these steps and create your own game. In order to purchase various gaming upgrades and cosmetic items to customize your character, you need Robux and in my previous post, I suggested you how to earn free Robux without getting scammed.

Our motive is your satisfaction and if you have any specific query regarding Roblox then comment it in the comment section. We will feel great to satisfy your query.




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