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Clash of Clans is popular and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that equally popular is the Clash of Lights, one of the most used servers with over 200 thousand installs every month. Speaking further, it is also one of the servers that has the lowest downtime. With an incredible 52% of active users, you will be up against really skilled players. Skilled because all of them will be having the same advantages as of you. However, there is a lot about Clash of Lights that needs to be unfolded. So, let’s get rolling.

Clash Of Lights 2019 download COC Servers
Clash Of Lights Servers

Clash of Clans Hacks, Mods & Cheats 2019: Warnings 

Clash of Lights Mod APK

In case you are not aware of what Clash of Lights is, it is a clash of clans mod hosted on a private server. Named after its server, Clash of Lights Mod APK operates a little differently than how the original version of the game does. It is hosted on a private server instead of the Supercell’s server which allows its developers to encapsulate the game with unlimited resources and free purchase. Since Clash of Clans is a server-based game and cannot be hacked normally, the approach mentioned above is used to hack the in-game resources. As a result of that, user communities are divided into two sections, one using the mod and one not using it. This prevents the clash of players consuming two different versions of the game and thus, reinforcing a fair play policy for both the parties.

Clash of Lights 10 update

Since the Clash of Lights mod apk is hosted on a private server, it needs to be updated dynamically on a regular interval so that it can provide a hand to hand service similar to the original version. The most recent addition in the sequential update of Clash of Lights is known as S1 server. So, don’t confuse if someone mentions S1 server and not Clash of Lights 10, they are both the same. Also to be mentioned, Clash of Lights S2, Clash of Lights S3 and Clash of Lights S4 has been discontinued and the only active server is Clash of Lights S1.

Clash of Lights Home APK

Clash of Lights home apk was a launcher application of CoL server that has been discontinued in recent times. The home APK served as a hub for all the private servers including Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and other arcade games. For now, all the private servers have been segregated into individual applications to reduce the space and memory consumption on low-end devices. While this was a good move for the moderate users, it was criticized by the players who played a bunch of arcade games together.

Noted: We do not encourage downloading CoL home apk now since it has been discontinued officially. Downloading it anyway may increase the risk of compromising your privacy.

Download Clash of Lights Latest version

With a lot of fake websites sharing Clash of Lights, it’s practically impossible to differentiate between a legit and a fake version. If a website is asking you to fill a survey or a captcha, it’s a huge red flag and you should strictly avoid downloading the application from such websites. For the solution, we are sharing the link to download the latest version 10.322-40 of Clash of Lights Mod APK which is sourced from the official website of the Clash of Lights. CoL updates the application every week to match with the standards of original Clash of Clans and to implement the bugfixes. 

Clash of Lights Mod APK features

Clash of Lights Mod APK is a powerful and stable Clash of Clans server housing a bunch of exclusive features. Further, the mod is updated frequently to stay on the same page with the latest game logic. Following are some of the best features of Clash of Lights:

  1. 100% uptime: Most of the private servers face the prominent issue of connectivity issues and frequent downtimes. These problems mainly arise due to their inability to handle several users in one go. If a lot of users try to access the server at the same time, the server crashes and goes offline. However, Clash of Lights is sourced on a very powerful server that can handle a lot of users simultaneously.
  2. Unlimited Resources: This is one feature that drives most of the users from the original version to mods. Like all the other mods out there, Clash of Lights also provides unlimited resources including gems, money, elixir and dark elixir to its users.
  3. Admin Commands: There are some predefined admin commands in the Clash of Lights. These commands can remove all the obstacles on the ground with a single click, deploy the builder on the available upgrades and a lot more. It is basically a Clash of Clans with a Linux terminal to do stuff.
  4. Everything backed up: Everything is backed up on the server of Clash of Lights. So, even if you uninstall the Clash of lights mod or decide to change your device, all your progress will be restored once you log into the game.
  5. Regular updates: As mentioned earlier, the Clash of Lights reinforces frequent updates to keep the game in its best shape and stay aligned with the original game logic.

Disclaimer: Clash of Lights Mod APK is not affiliated or approved by Supercell. Supercell doesn’t hold any responsibility for the users which are using the mod or found connected to it in any way. However, it is a great way to test out your skills, improvise attack and defence strategies. We aren’t promoting any unfair means of gaming and this is just for educational purpose.

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