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Cartoon HD APK: Download Free Cartoons Online


Cartoons are everyone’s favorite irrespective of the age whether you a kid or a teenager or an adult. Online streaming is today’s fashion and the most rapidly growing thing in the market that you can’t resist whether it be Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Soundcloud or any streaming app. But if you are a cartoon lover, Cartoon HD APK is for you!

Cartoons are always the best to watch. Do you have any childhood memory related to your favorite cartoon? Do you still remember which one is your favorite? Do you again want to live that life again with your siblings? Ahhh! This brings tears to my eyes. Are you also feeling the same? The childhood days we live are unforgettable and so does those cartoons. My favorite cartoon show was Tom and Jerry, what’s yours?

Diownload Cartoon HD apk
Watch online cartoons for free with Cartoon HD Apk

Let us now discuss Cartoon HD APK actually is…

Cartoon HD is one of the best online streaming apps that allows users to watch and enjoy their favorite cartoon shows. Downloading your beloved cartoons and watch it anywhere is the best part here. The App is a fan favorite for Japenese and English Cartoons and has achieved fame recently. Now you don’t need a big screen, just a smartphone and you are all needed.

Features of Cartoon HD APK

  • Alike any streaming platform, this platform has also many features but the most salient feature is its “Unlimited Downloads“. You can download cartoons even without signing up, isn’t it great? IF you will sign up, you will get access to more data.
  • We always love the word, What’s Trending, whether it be for fashion or entertainment and things will become best if you get coupons too. Here You can See Popular shows every week in the trending section, hence it makes your favorite cartoons are just a search away.
  • Along with the Video, if you get an HD audio too, this will make your watch a quality show. Cartoon HD provides us this feature. You can enjoy viewing HD Audio for all programs with 320 Kbps, 720 Kbps Dialogue and Scores. You can also download Audio Scores for Few TV Shows.
  • Play from the PAUSE feature tells you to watch without worrying. Start from where you left off!
  • This Remarkable App provides you a user-friendly interface, you can navigate within and out the app easily.
  • The excellent Android Application is compatible with all the video players may it be MX player or VLC. Don’t forget you have an option ‘custom’, which allows you to select the player of your choice to watch your favorite shows. It also allows you to push that shows to your Xbox or Television.
  • When it comes to Cartoon HD, Do not worry about security. The App is completed shielded up to an extent from unknown attacks.
  • The App is proving the best of all and also it is a very lightweight and bug-free platform.
  • Last but not least, no money needed. Woaaa!

App Information and System Requirements

  • Cartoon HD APK Size: 5 MB
  • Version: 3.0.3
  • Installs: More than 5 million downloads
  • Android Version: 4.1 or more
  • English Subtitle: Available
  • English Dubbed: Available
  • Fast Loading: Yes
  • Last Version Update: 29 June 2019
  • Rooting required?: NO

Downloading and Installation guide

Downloading and Installing the App is very easy and hassle-free. Here, I am going to share the procedure with you for all the platforms.

For Android

Download Cartoon HD Apk online from the official website. Place the file at a location on your android phone. For installing do the following steps:

  1. First, open the file and try to install the APP. if you get error goto step 2.
  2. Go to settings and Security settings
  3. Enable the button that Allows Apps from Unknown Sources.
  4. Install the App gain
  5. Enjoy watching your favorites.

For iOS

Downloading the app for iPhone or any other iOS device is very easy and no need to jailbreak your device. Download the IPA file first, place it on your device and then follow the steps below to enjoy watching.

  1. Turn off the internet.
  2. Change your device’s date to August 1, 2014. Open Settings > General Settings > Date and Time Settings.
  3. Search for the downloaded IPA file and open it. Tap on the Trust App option when it flashes and installs the app.
  4. Turn on your internet and here you GO.

For PC

Though we are happy and comfortable watching on smartphones ut watching cartoons on Big screen is really fun. Similar ways as you downloaded the app for Android and iOS devices, you can download it for PC too. Here are the steps:

  • Download the CartoonHD APK file on the very first.
  • Download Bluestack Emulator.
  • Open Bluestack App and search for your Cartoon HD APK or simply drag the file here.
  • Install the file then and  Once it gets installed, you can open it via the BlueStacks application.

Final Words

Cartoon HD is the best place to watch cartoons and yes if you are really a cartoon lover download the app today! The best online streaming app with ease of use and no hassles in downloading too. This is all I have discussed Cartoon HD Apk Download if you have anything more to share, feel free to comment.

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