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CamScanner for PC download free Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac


In our busy lives, many times we may have come across a situation like sending a document urgently to another party. Camscanner is the perfect solution to this! CamScanner for PC will be our topic for today. It is basically an App for android but if you will be able to use it on PC then it none less than an icing on a cake. Here, I am going to discuss how to download CamScanner for PC download free Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac.

Before landing into the downloading part Let us have a look at the basics of Camscanner.

Camscanner for PC/Laptop
Camscanner for windows


Scan, Save and sending files anytime anywhere is all that CamScanner provides us! A scanner is no more needed when CamScanner is here. It is a perfect android application that allows you to take Documents snapshot with Smart image document management. The app offers a High-resolution scan & image editing facility. The App is available for both Android and iPhone devices.

How CamScanner works?

  1. Open the App
  2. Click on the Camera icon and take the screen over the doc needs to be scanned.
  3. Take a picture
  4. Auto-adjustment of the image is then done or you can manually alter too.
  5. Save as .jpg or .pdf (your choice)
  6. Share via any android app or mail or drive wherever you want by whatever mode.

Features of CamScanner

  1. Easy scanning Way: Say goodbye to the traditional way of scanning using a scanner that requires both more space and time.
  2. Auto-image Enhancement: As soon as you click the picture the app auto-crop the picture, here you can manually adjust too and land you to a page with image enhancement options.
  3. Bid Farewell to tedious Writing: Image text is extracted out of the image. Amazing!
  4. Share anywhere: Save the document and share anywhere globally.

Optical Character Recognition

Have you ever think of extracting the text from an Image? Isn’t it sounds wonderful? Getting An image text as a raw text will make our very easy and efficiently done. That tedious time is gone now! Today is the era of working smartly and fastly.

OCR is here for:

  1. Bank card recognition– Read your card details in less than a second
  2. Passport recognition – allows the real-time passport scanning
  3. Document recognition– Analyze your identity 
  4. Business card recognition
  5. Customized Development camscanner for PC


CamScanner Free and Premium

CamScanner is available is free and premium version both. you can choose according to your need. Here is the comparison.

camscanner for PC premium


CamScanner for PC

The Application will work in a similar manner for PC too as it works for Our handy devices. The Application is though not directly available for PC but I am here to help you out how to use CamScanner for PC.

There is a lot of software that works as Emulator(allows you to run your Android application on PC). Few examples are Bluestacks, Nox App player, Manymo, Geny Motion, Andy, Menu and many more. All you have to do is to download one of this software on your PC and open then app through this emulator software.

Step-by-Step guide

  1. Download Bluestack Emulator on your Windows 7/8/9/10 or  MAC device.
  2. Install Bluestack on your PC.
  3. Open the software, Login from the same account as you did in your Phone and search for CamScanner here.
  4. Open Camscanner app and start using it.

A note to Remember…

Whenever we use such an app where we are sharing our documents, we must have to go through the companies privacy policy before using the app. A safe step before sharing your personal documents is much needed!

Before You Go…

CamScanner is really a very helpful app these days that converted our tedious and time-consuming work into an easy one. It is not always the case that we are using only our phone but sometimes we may be working with PC too. So, now you can download CamScanner For PC and if you encounter any problem, feel free to comment. Enjoy Easy scanning.

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