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Call of Duty Modern Warfare release date, trailer and everything else


Developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision has revealed that the 4th installment of COD will reach to you later this year and the game will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. They are saying that the Call of Duty Modern Warfare is not the sequel of previous entries but it is a “re-imagining” of the series.

Infinity Ward is looking to offer a relevant, and naturalistic era with the whole new storyline of the game. You will come through the familiar characters from the past games of COD such as Captain John Price. You will not get any imaginary thing via the game and you love Zombie mode then it will disappoint you.

As the name shows Modern Warfare will be modern in each aspect and you will never feel it like an epic game. Single-player mode, multiplayer modes, and co-op missions will be available to entertain you.

Fans are crazily waiting for the upcoming fighting giant and if you are also crazy about when it will release, what will be the gameplay, trailer, etc then you are lucky to land here. Go through the post and explore everything we know about Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Everything we know so far
Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Release date, trailer and lots more

When will Call of Duty Modern Warfare release?

Being the 16th game of the military based series there is a lot of buzz about its release date. No more wait now as the game is going to hit your gaming consoles and PC on 26th October 2019. Happy na!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Trailer

Want to assume the gameplay of the new installment in the COD series? If yes then watch the game’s first look trailer which was released in May to offer you the gameplay demo. You will definitely get successful to imagine what will be the game offer you and what about its graphics as well.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Storyline

As II said above the game is set to offer you the realistic experience instead of imaginary and the developers have disclosed that it is the re-imagining of the original story. So you will encounter the realistic and modern weapons along with up to date tactical choices. As per the leaks, the game will start with a terrorist attack and it will happen in London. What will happen next? You have to wait until the COD Modern Warfare will release.

Season Pass is not available in the COD Modern Warfare

I don’t know you would be happy to know or not but I am feeling glad to inform you that you will not get a season pass in COD Modern Warfare. The developers are going to offer you a fresh feel thus they vanished the traditional season pass system. The favorable thing is that all players will get more free maps and content with this approach.

What will you experience in the Single-player mode (We know so far)?

The game is coming with up to dated armors and gears and you have to play the role of special force soldiers. There will be different missions and tasks that will happen in European cities and you will be facilitated with high technology armors and gears in order to complete missions. Also, you have to play the role of rebel freedom fighters via single-player campaigns. Lot’s more missions are awaited for you in the COD Modern Warfare.

What about Classic-multiplayer and co-op missions?

Indeed we don’t have any idea about what will be for you in the multiplayer mode but as per sources, we can confirm you that you will get the classic experience. In co-op missions, you have to work with collaboration and gather the best tactics to defeat the terrorists.

Zombie lovers here is bad news

Not everyone loves the realistic world and if you are one of them then definitely you love ghosts and zombies. COD Modern Warfare will disappoint you as the game will not offer you a Zombie mode.

COD Modern Warfare: Supportive Devices

If you are a fan of fighting titles then you would probably own an Xbox One or PS4. PC is the must-have gadget of game lovers and I think it is available in everyone’s home. The good news is that Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare utilizes a new engine along with ray tracing support

Modern Warfare means everything is upgraded and the great news is that the game will support DirectX Ray Tracing on Windows. And thus we can assume that the developers are encouraging Nvidia and GeForce RTX cards for allying the feature. As the game will support DXR means that the developers are going to upgrade the IW engine to make it compatible with DirectX. A favorable feature of AMD hardware as DX12 engine have it.

Before you go…

Activision and Infinity Ward are set to deliver you the whole new realistic fighting environment via their latest invention and I hope via the post you get successful to assume the fantastic features of the game.

If you gathered the useful and valuable info from here then please share it with your nears and dears. We will update the post as we get any update regarding COD Modern Warfare so stay tuned. Still, any question regarding the upcoming entry then drops it in the comment box. Goodbye and happy waiting.

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