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Bumble vs Tinder: Which is best for men and women


Thinking to search your dating partner via online dating apps? Confused between Bumble vs Tinder? Go through the post and get the exact answer to your questions to decide whether Bumble is good for you or Tinder.

Undoubtedly dating apps and dating sites are the most convenient way to meet your loved one. Doesn’t matter you are looking for a casual date or want a serious relationship, these sites can do everything for you. Multiple options available for you to find out your dating partner but how you will determine which one is best for you. No need to struggle because we have broken down the major difference between Bumble vs Tinder.

You just need to scroll down and reveal the notable aspects of Bumble and Tinder to banish your confusion.

Bumble vs Tinder: Which one is good for you
Bumble vs Tinder: Figure out the differences

Bumble vs Tinder


Bumble breaks all the outdated gender norms and empowers women to make the first move. Usually, males start a conversation and it has become the myth that only men can initiate a relationship. But Bumble encourages females to make the first move to begin a conversation. Bumble is not only a dating site but also you can make new friends via its BFF feature, with Bumble Bizz you can find out new career opportunities for you.

There are a roughly an equal number of men and women on the Bumble and if you are male then things are in your favor on Bumble. As the females make the first move on Bumble and thus there is more pressure on the females to messages the males.


Tinder is known as the world’s most popular dating network and here is no restriction for males and females to make the first move. Via Tinder, you can meet new people, enhance your social circle, connect locals and much more. Do whatever you want to do with more ease on Tinder. You just need to swipe right if you like someone’s profile and in case you don’t want to communicate then you can do swipe left.

Being the most renowned dating site you will find more people on Tinder to date. For those who are looking for an instant hookup, Tinder is a great option. For casual hookups, Tinder is a good choice and if you get comfortable then you can end up with a serious relationship.

Bumble vs Tinder: Cheif differences

After grabbing the brief description of dating giants its time to shed light on the major differences of both so take a look below:

  • The foremost difference between both is the number of people. There are two times more males and females on Tinder than Bumble. To find more options Tinder is good.
  • Not all guys and girls want serious relationships and if you are one of them then Tinder is for you. On the other hand, Tinder promotes casual hookups to have more fun. But don’t take me wrong you can also create serious relationships on Tinder as well.
  • Only women can make the first move on Bumble. But Tinder didn’t fix any criteria and both males and females can message first to initiate the conversation.
  • Bumble is something more than a dating site and you can also upgrade your social circle along with career opportunities here. Also, Bumble has a more educated community. Whereas Tinder is full of every kind of people including well educated and worker types.
  • For unlimited swipes, you have to buy Tinder’s premium version named “Tinder Gold” and “Tinder Plus” but Bumble doesn’t limit you and offers you endless swipes to discover new people.

If you are a guy then…

As I said above that Bumble has an equal number of males and females so there are more chances to see your profile. And women have to make their first move so you are free from all of the hassles to write a message.

There is less competition on Bumble and Women tend to initiate the conversation so definitely, Bumble is more favorable for you guys. Also if you are looking for a long term relationship then Bumble is best for you. So join Bumble soon and get the attention of females.

If you are a female then…

As you know Tinder has more males than females so there are higher chances to observe your profile by the male candidates.

On Bumble you have the empowerment to convey the first messages to the guy you like so also things are in your favor.

So pretty ladies you are lucky enough because both Bumble and Tinder are good for you. And you can go for any of them.

Bumble vs Tinder: Wrapping up

Well, guys and pretty girls its time to choose from Bumble and Tinder. After observing the post you can determine easily and in case you find both sites complementary then you can try both of them to find your soulmate.

Being a girl if I have to choose then surely I would prefer Bumble because its free version rock solid. And also promote girls empowerment. You get unlimited swipes free without spending a single penny.

Both have different positive aspects and rest depends on you which type of relationship you are looking for.

Hope you found the post helpful. Liked it? Disliked it? Feel free to add your comment in the comment box.






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