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How to download and play Boom Beach for PC (Windows)


Love to play a Strategy game? Are you a fan of Clash Of Clans but now want something different? You are lucky to land here buddy! From the developer of Clash of Clans(Supercell), here comes another Combat strategy game, BOOM BEACH for PC mode. Boom Beach is an online multiplayer game originally released for Andriod and iOS. The game was first released in Canada in November 2013 and then worldwide released in March 2014. The game is very much Similar to another popular strategical game, COC.

 download and play Boom Beach for PC (Windows)
Boom Beach for PC

Boom Beach is a tactics game that merges attacks on and from other players with attacks against computer-generated bases. The gameplay is like Players build their base, Unlock their troops, Upgrade their defence and other areas. The game links single-player and multiplayer mode on the same map. The Enemy in the game is known as “The Blackguard” which is usually represented by Lt. Hammerman. Other enemies are Dr. T and Colonel Gearheart. Everyone can enjoy the game on the Mobile phone be it Andriod or iOS but what if you want to play the game on PC? My today’s article is about how to download and play Boom Beach for PC (Windows).

Are you ready to defend the islanders?

“Explore, Think, then BOOM THE BEACH!”

The main thing is all about winning the war. “Come with a Strategy or Leave the Island in Disappointment”. It is all up to you how you build your base, train the troops and attack on  “The Blackguard”(enemy).

  1. When you start the game, you will get a basic base which you can customize on your own.
  2. Build your Sniper tower.
  3. Build your base on Beachfront, make your Army, build your defence so no enemy could come inside your island.
  4. Attack on your enemy and get gold and wood.
  5. Join a group to play in multiplayer mode with the teams.

Boom Beach Features

  1. Flexibility: While the opponents attack you when you are in offline mode, you can replay and see the holes in your base to perform better next time.
  2. Friendly game: The game is safe to play for children as well and parents do not need to worry much about this. The kids like the game because of its cartoon characters and beautiful graphics.
  3. Combat and strategy: This strategical game is a big hit of Supercell because of its fun-filled friendly battles. Along with battles you can talk to your friends too.

How to Download the Game?

For Android, You can download the game from Play Store.

  1. Go to Play store
  2. Search for the App
  3. Download and Install
  4. Enjoy playing!

For iOS, you can download the game from the App Store.

  1. Go to App store
  2. Search for the App
  3. Download and Install
  4. Enjoy the game!

For Windows, Follow the steps mentioned below: (Boom Beach for PC)

  1. In the very first step, before downloading the actual game, you need to download and install a reliable Android emulator such as the “BlueStacks App” Player.
  2. Install the BlueStacks App now on your system by executing the .exe file and following proper instructions. Make sure to download the App in the proper drive.
  3. Open the App and see a graphical view of android to PC. Now go to play store and set up your Gmail account.
  4. On the right side top of the Google Play store, Type “Boom Beach” in the search tab.
  5. Click on the game icon then download and wait for Installation.
  6. After installing, now you can play Boom Beach anytime via BlueStacks. You need to open BlueStacks and run Boom Beach for PC.

Final words

If you are really looking for a Real-time Combat strategy game, Boom Beach will swipe you off your feet. Download the Game now on big Screen, on your PC, Create strategies, Make plans and Enjoy the game!

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