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Black Friday Amazon: the 12 shocked offers on Friday morning 🔥


Yesterday marks the launch of Black Friday: Amazon and the other e-commerce website such as Cdiscount, Fnac and Darty have come out the big game with ultra competitive promotions.

Be careful, the first stock outs are not going to happen soon, so do not think too long.

The crazy Amazon offers for this Black Friday

Black Friday on AMAZON

The real Black Friday is next Friday, but Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac and Darty have already put several offers already in recent days. Now, we arrive in the middle of the month, and the flash offers are more and more convincing and generous, moreover it will improve. However, it is important to note that for current offers, stocks are very limited and will not be relevant in a few hours. This requires a minimum of responsiveness for Black Friday, but also (and especially) during this week.

During the Black Friday period, Amazon, Cdiscount, or Fnac Darty, all highlight their promotions in different ways. There are many ephemeral flash sales and very limited in terms of available stock, but also more extended promotions over the duration, which last several days and sometimes until the end of Black Friday. However, the flash sales are still the most attractive because they concern the biggest brands, with the strongest discounts.

We can go by looking at this list of good deals for Black Friday at Amazon, the biggest brand is already well represented: Apple with its iPad Pro and its MacBook Pro, the giant Microsoft with its Surface Pro or again Sony with its active noise reduction headphones. All these big names in tech promotion are golden business to seize quickly, and we are only a few weeks of Christmas and the end of the year.

We can not tell you enough, most of these offers will not be available for the duration of Black Friday, so it is better to hurry to enjoy the best deals before it’s too late. 

To see all Amazon offers:

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Amazon takes the lead on the operation

If we go back to the roots of Black Friday, it is an American event that has gradually crossed the Atlantic to Europe. Basic Black Friday is about physical shops, but from year to year internet takes over, so that we find more interesting special offers on many categories of products available: electronics, computer, video games or the small and big appliances. This is particularly the case on Amazon.

During this period of Black Friday, Amazon confirmed their general positioning, so that they cover absolutely all products. From cooking to DIY, to ready-to-wear. So the operation of Black Friday is gradually taking over the winter sales, to the delight of customers.

The big strength of Black Friday on Amazon is that it is a period where one can very easily realize savings between -10% and -30% on the most popular products (and up to -70% on others), which is not negligible at the end of the year 2019. This saves on Christmas presents. Savings, which on some products, can represent several hundred dollars, a boon for all American homes.

Attention to all stockouts

You’ll understand, Black Friday on Amazon offers many benefits, however, it will have to be very lively. The favorite brands of consumers like Apple, Samsung, LG or Huawei go first and very quickly, it often happens that the stockouts happen in a few minutes. Do not hesitate too long to grab good deals and not miss current offers. Anyway, you can buy without thinking too much since all platforms retain their withdrawal periods during Black Friday.

For its part, Amazon offers 30 days during which the customer can change his mind on his purchase, even during Black Friday where prices are broken. As for Fnac, Darty or Cdiscount, it is possible to return purchases within a period of 15 days for a full refund. So you can jump on flash sales without any fear since you can change your mind.

To ensure the best plans throughout Black Friday on Amazon, Cdiscount or the group Fnac Darty, this list will be updated frequently. We advise you to keep this page by putting it as a favorite so as not to miss the best offers of the moment on the most popular products of the moment. During this week, you will really see tens of thousands of promotions across all platforms, this page selects the most interesting, not to miss. We select the best promotions for you, in complete transparency.

To see Black Friday on Amazon, here it is:

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