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Bitdefender Free Edition: Antivirus Software Review


When things come in terms of e-thefts and viruses then you can blindly trust on Bitdefender as currently, it is one of the best Anti-virus software. Bitdefender free edition safeguards your PC from every kind of malware and online theft so that you can surf the internet without any worry. Whenever you come across any suspicious activity it notifies you and one of the best thing about Bitdefender is that it deals with problems itself without any configuration.

Most of the antivirus slows down your system but Bitdefender free edition doesn’t affect the speed of your PC and give protection without making it slow. Bitdefender stands out among the mob because it utilizes cloud scannings and behavioral analysis to figure out the e-thefts. Apart from advanced protection Bitdefender is quite easy to set up and doesn’t need any special technical requirement.

Not only on demand scans but also this free Antivirus keeps a track on different viruses and thefts using real-time theft detection. If you are willing to adopt Bitdefender antivirus free edition but not aware of its full specifications then you have reached the right page.

Go through my review and discover the specialties of Bitdefender to protect your PC from numerous types of malware and e-thefts.

Bitdefender Free Edition
Bitdefender free edition: Specialities

Bitdefender free edition: Brawny anti-virus protection for your PC

To minimize the risk of malware in your PC you must have anti-virus software. And why to choose others when you get everything without paying a single penny? Yes, Bitdefender antivirus free edition offers the ultimate protection to your PC in a light way without slowing down. Let’s check out the specialties of this perfect free antivirus so that you can give it a try without thinking anything:

Real-time threat detection

One of the best thing about Bitdefender is its real-time threat detection. As I said above it utilizes behavioral detection to keep a track on all your active apps and when it scans anything doubtful then it takes quick action. So after relying on Bitdefender, you don’t need to take tension about the security of your PC.

Grab free protection against online theft

One thing always bothers me when I browse the online era, is a particular site safe or it will still my personal info? I think everyone cares about online security but after adopting Bitdefender free edition forget about any online theft. Bitdefender blocks phishing and fraud websites by default that tries to steal your private data such as password and bank account details.

User-friendly interface

User-interface of Bitdefender is pretty simple and dark in color which occupies almost one-quarter of your desktop. When everything is running well and your system is safe then a Green check mark will show you. In case something is going wrong and your system security is under risk then the Green check mark will turn into Red.

Resource uses

Bitdefender consumes over 300 MB when you download it from the internet. Also, occupy the large space of your hard disk and around 1.50 GB of your hard disk is covered by the Bitdefender free edition. When all the services and processes function in the background of your PC then it consumes 150 GB of RAM. On the other hand at the time of scanning of a virus, Bitdefender requires 200 MB of RAM.

Multiple OS support

When we observe the other antivirus programs in the market we find that many of them support Windows  OS only but Bitdefender free antivirus offers you different versions for Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS. Multiple OS supports makes it more approachable than other free antivirus software. But it doesn’t support Linux that may disappoint you.

Customer service

In terms of customer support, Bitdefender wins the race. Bitdefender free version comes with the “Help and Support” section which you will find in the interface. If you want advanced customer support then you can navigate to their website which offers extensive customer support with videos and online guides. Live chat option is also there for more flexible customer care.

Things we don’t like in Bitdefender Free Edition

Although Bitdefender free version contains various specialties, you can use it only for home purpose. It is not suitable for business purpose. Lack of custom scanning options makes it less effective. The slow initial scan may move you to other similar products. Despite these things, Bitdefender is a perfect free antivirus and I recommend you to give it a try.

Bottom lines

With the minimalist design, Bitdefender provides you solid malware protection against several online thefts. No bloatware, zero adverts, simple user-interface, and brawny malware protection makes Bitdefender an outstanding free antivirus. What are you thinking about? Go ahead and download it to ensure the security of your system.

Hope you got my point and if you understood clearly my review then please share it with your friends who are looking for a solid free antivirus.

Still, any question regarding Bitdefender Antivirus free edition then put your query in the comment box. We will back to you with the most appropriate answer.



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