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Best VPN for Torrenting and Torrents 2019


Choosing an ideal VPN for torrenting is not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, there are lots of factors which should keep in mind while choosing a VPN for torrenting. Many people found that VPNs for the torrenting leak the information for that they are appointed, lack of P2P sharing, some fail to give you the desired speed… Fed up with this complexities and looking for the best VPN for torrenting and torrents? Hey, you caught the right page.

Torrenting is the norms of today and everyone loves to watch movies and shows via torrents and the government is doing their best to stop this practice. Whenever we torrent our security is in danger any online hacker can hack your private info. Don’t worry folks I am not saying you to stop torrenting but suggesting you the ways for being safe while torrenting. You can remain safe while torrenting if you use the best quality P2P VPN.

There are over dozens of VPNs and it is pretty tough to get the best out of them. No worries folks we are here to help you to decide which one is the better for you. For your ease, we have listed the best VPN for torrenting here along with key factors to be considered before choosing a VPN for torrents.

So just scroll down and grab the best info which will help you to remain safe while torrenting.

Best VPN for torrenting
5 Best VPN for torrenting July 2019

Factors to consider before choosing a VPN for torrenting

If you are going to choose the best VPN for torrenting then you have to look after the following factors:

Brawny Encryption

Encryption is the topmost priority of everyone and in terms of VPN, you can neglect it. If you are concerned about your online security then choose a VPN with military-grade encryption.

Logging policy

A majority of VPN providers tend to collect your data and connection and they can convey your private info to anyone. So you have to search for no logs policy companies that will ensure your security while torrenting.


Another noticeable factor before selecting a VPN for torrenting is speed. Go for high-speed VPNs which will offer you an incredible downloading speed.

Shared IPs

Share IP means the ability to stake IP with hundreds of other users. Thus you put the additional layer of security and no one can’t track your online activity. So prefer a VPN service which facilitates you with shared IP feature.

5 best VPN for torrenting to stay anonymous

After checking out the key factors before choosing a VPN for torrenting its time to explore the best VPNs for a safe torrenting. Check them below:

1.Express VPN

Our top ranker in the list of Best VPN for torrenting is Express VPN which offers you all the features which you want. Express VPN gives you the amazing download speed along with 256-bit AES encryption. One of the best features of Express VPN is that it doesn’t collect any data traffic log because it is based on the British Service Islands which contains no data retention policy. Another cool thing about this VPN is that it provides you a P2P file sharing and its all servers supports this feature.

Not only safe torrenting but also stream the content of geo-locked services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and lots more. Its app format is also available which supports Android, iOS, Windows, MAC, and Linux.


  • Support Netflix and other geo-blocked streaming services.
  • Free trial for 30 days.
  • Ease of use and quick setup within minutes.
  • Connectivity with over 90000 countries.
  • Fully anonymous
  • Fast downloading speed


  • Slightly costly when compared with other services.


Let’s discuss another VPN for safe torrenting, Nord VPN. Nord VPN is Panama based and follows a strict no-log policy. Nord VPN offers you dedicated servers for P2P sharing and gives you a server recommendation page so that you can figure out the ideal server for torrenting in your premises. Strong encryption, shared IP address, and infinite bandwidth makes it a perfect VPN for torrenting.

Just like Express VPN this one also help you to access the digital content of geo-blocked streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and many more. Comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee and in case you don’t like it then you can get back your money.


  • Brawny privacy and security attires.
  • No logs
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 live chat facility
  • Infinite P2P sharing


  • Some servers are not stable and offer you variable speed.

3.CyberGhost VPN

Our next candidate in the list of best VPN for torrenting is CyberGhost which is Romania based and also comes with the no-logs policy. Promises to give you P2P networking coupled with amazing downloading speed.

CyberGhost is the service of a renowned company which updates its features frequently. More than thousands of servers are there to choose from and to download torrents privately. One of the best thing which I love in CyberGhost is it’s easy to use interface. Did you find any downside of CyberGhost?


  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 45 days free trial
  • Infinite P2P torrenting
  • No logs
  • Incredible speed
  • Can connect with over 60 countries


  • Unable to unblock all the streaming services


One of the most renowned VPN which has made especially for torrenting is IPVnish. IPVanish gives emphasis on security and permits you a log-free experience. IPVanish has servers in over 60 countries and definitely, you will get successful to choose one near you.

One of the best thing about IPVanish is that you can run up to 10 connections at once with IPVanish. The shared IP address, P2P torrenting, infinite Bandwith and amazing downloading speed stands it out among the mob. Any feature missing? Yes, one more! IPVanish’s Android app supports Kodi Addons.


  • A free trial of 7 days is available
  • Infinite and secure P2P torrenting
  • Connectivity with over 60 countries
  • You can use it with Kodi and Amazon Firestick without any hassle
  • Semple UI
  • Designed to keep in mind torrenting


  • Lack of live chat facility
  • Unable to unblock streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc.

5.Perfect Privacy

As its name suggests this VPN claims to give you the extra layer of privacy. If you are concerned about your online privacy then this Switzerland based VPN is the best choice for you. Like its rivals, Perfect Privacy offers you no-logs policy and lots more favorable features as well. One of my favorite feature of this VPN is TrackStop Filter which blocks adverts, and the websites with malware.

This one has limited servers for torrenting but claims to give you private torrenting. One of the chief drawbacks of Perfect Privacy is its price and you have to pay $ 8.95 as a monthly subscription. If you are ready to get its subscription then you will get unlimited bandwidth, infinite connections, and more upgraded features.


  • No log along with an infinite number of connections
  • Tracks and blocks advertisements and malware domains
  • Leak and virus-free program
  • Able to cross the toughest firewalls
  • Stealth VPN


  • Overpriced
  • Doesn’t support streaming services

Bottom Lines

Thus VPN is the demand of today and if you go online with a VPN then it’s your foolishness. And torrenting in the absence of a dedicated VPN service is total nonsense because downloading copyrighted content for free can put you in trouble. To help you here I have listed the 5 best VPN for torrenting and hope you will easily choose one out of them.

How’s the info? Got it or not? Express your views in the comment section below. And if you want to know about any specific VPN then feel free to ask. Stay tuned for more informative updates regarding entertainment, technology, sports, finance, etc till then Goodbye and happy torrenting.





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