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Best Stremio Addons to watch movies, tv shows for Free [2019]


When streaming word strikes in our mind then lots of streaming platforms attract our attention like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. But all these are subscription-based services and for accessing the online content for free Kodi, Stremio and many more streaming media software available. If you use Stremio to stream your desired content then you must aware about the best Stremio addons to watch movies and TV shows.  We are here with the compile list of Stremio addons including official and unofficial ones.

Stremio media software grabbed in the last two years because of its simple user-interface. Stremio is considered as one of the best Kodi alternatives because of its ease of use. Addons are required to stream content and it is pretty simple to install Stremio addons.

Let’s check out what are the best addons you can install on Stremio to give heights to your streaming experience.

Best Stremio Addons to watch movies, tv shows for Free [2019]
Best Stremio Addons 2019

Best Stremio Addons

All the addons I have listed here are the best source of infinite movies and TV shows so go down and explore the list of addons:

Best official Stremio Addons


If you want to stream movies and TV shows from Netflix without any buffering then Netflix addon is the best official addon for Stremio. You just need to log in to Netflix through this addon and you are all set to watch the content from Netflix.


Dtube functions like Youtube and it is a decentralized platform which is linking to a Blockchain platform. Its addon is now available for Stremio and just like Youtube, you can watch, comment and share videos. If you love to create videos then this platform allows you to upload your video and in return, you would get the reward in the form of digital currency.

Unofficial Stremio Addons

1.Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is known as one of the best torrent sites to download and watch pirated content. Now its addon is available for Stremio and with this, you can stream all the stuff of Pirate Bay without any hassle. Being a Stremio addon it contains all the latest movies and shows and you can stream then straight from the Stremio app.

2.Popcorn Time

How can we forget Popcorn Time when things come in terms of streaming as it is one of the major streaming platforms. If you love to stream the movies and shows in full HD quality then Popcorn time stremio addon is going to avail you. With this addon, you can stream you can all the stuff of Popcorn time and other torrent sites like YTS and EZTV as well.


Just like Pirate Bay RARBG is known as the best torrent platform and you can stream high-quality content for free here. RARBG Stremio addon lets us stream the content of RARBG straight from the torrent site and you will get almost same video quality.


If you are a fan of IPTV channels then you must familiar with the Twitch. Via Twitch you can stream IPTV live channels with more ease and with the Twitch Stremio addon allows you to cut your cable cords to watch your favorite live sports channels.

5. Juan Carlos

One of the most popular addon for Stremio is Juan Carlos which is a torrent site. The site boasts a massive amount of movies and TV shows and with the addon, you can stream all the content without any complexity. To install and set up this addon is pretty simple and with just a single click you are ready to stream its content. You can consider Juan Carlos one of the best Stremio addons.

How to install Addons on Stremio?

After getting familiar with the addons for Stremio its time to know how to install them. Here is a step by step guide to install addons on Stremio:

  • First of all, open up the Stremio and sign in to your account.
  • On the home screen of Stremio, you will notice 3 horizontal lines on the top left side, click on it.
  • Scroll down and then click on “Add-ons”.
  • It will show you the two options: All and Official, click on “All” and it will offer you the choice to filter add-ons as per movies, shows, and channels, etc.
  • After choosing go back and click the “Official” menu.
  • Finally its your choice whether you want to go for Official addons or for community-based, here we are choosing “Community”.
  • Now go down and choose the Addon you want to install.
  • After choosing click on “Install”.
  • You have done. Isn’t easy!

Before you go…

Stremio is the true rival of Kodi and just like Kodi, you can stream high-quality content with the Stream addons. Here you came across the Stremio add-ons to stream your desired movies and shows for free. All the addons have their own qualities and if you know about any specific one which we didn’t include here then feel free to suggest us.

Which Addon you are going to install? Was the article helpful for you? Let us know below in the comment section.

Thank you!

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