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5 Best Health Insurance Companies in US 2019


It is pretty tough to evaluate a life insurance company as per the need of a particular person because the coverage requirements of every individual are different. There is also variation in the budget of every person so it can be really confusing to find out the best health insurance company. Customer services, policy offerings, plans, and other aspects to be considered while choosing the health insurance company. Indeed your location also matters a lot while choosing the health insurance partner for your family. I think you are unable to decide which health insurance company in the US is best for you. So we have created a compile list of 5 best health insurance companies in US with a great reputation.

Also, these health insurance companies offer good plans and policies along with great coverage options so just scroll down and explore the best health insurance companies in US.

Best health insurance companies in US
Best Health Insurance Companies in US with great coverage

Best Health Insurance companies in US

1.Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is the most renowned names in terms of health insurer and that’s the reason I put it on the top in my list. Available in 9 states Kesar Permanente won the good rating by trusted companies such as Standard & Poors and J.D. Power and Associates. Higher customer satisfaction is the topmost attire of this health insurance company but there is a limitation which can annoy you. If you go for Kesar Permanente then you have to take medical care from its hospitals and medical centers.

Actually, Kaiser Permanente runs a chain of hospitals and medical centers and you have to take their services. In case you are out for a vacation or on a business tour where their hospitals are not available then you don’t take the benefit of your insurance plan. If you are residing in Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Washington, Northern, and Southern California, Mid Atlantic and  Northwest regions then you can go for Kesar Permanente.


Humana offers its insurance plans in 22 states and boasts the position in Fortune’s top 100 companies as per their annual profit. One of the best features of Humana is their cost which is lower than the other insurance companies. Humana runs over 100 hospitals and also the best insurance company in the US for seniors.

Having over dozens of plans including home health care coverage makes Humana one of the great choices for 45+ age group. If you are suffering from chronic diseases and there are chances that you can’t survive alone then Humana is for you.


UnitedHealthCare offers you online solutions for all your medical requirements. It’s an easy to utilize the platform and you don’t need to take tension about your location because you can do everything from a single place. UnitedHealthcare gives you online tools with which you can easily track the expenditures and medical help in your area as well.

Although it is a great choice for digital users, costly when compared with other insurers in the US. Also, they come with an app with which you can get updated with all the services on the go. There are various plans and you can choose as per your medical history and requirements as well. Easy to use website assist you to find out the best plans for you. UHC is the hugest single insurer in the United States that got great ratings from A.M.Best.


As I said above that it is pretty complex to figure out the best insurance company because every individual’s requirements differ. But our next entry in the list of best health insurance companies in the US offers a wide array of affordable plans that will match your needs. When we analyzed the plans of Aetna we found them cheaper than other insurers. Aetna gives preventive care, hospitalization, office visits, immunizations along with various kinds of health services.

Comes with tax-free health savings accounts that are accessible by all the users, stands it out among the mob. One of the most notable features of Aetna is that you are not bound to the in-network doctors. You can consult any registered medical practitioner but it will put an extra burden on your pocket. Curious about your fitness? Then Gym membership and other weight loss programs are available for you.

5.Blue Cross Blue Shield

It is not appropriate to call it the best health insurance companies in the US because it offers health coverage in over 170 countries globally. When things come in terms of US then there are 39 Blue Cross organizations in different parts of the US. The admirable thing is that all the organizations got the A+ ratings from A.M.Best.

Comes with a broad variety of plans that make it an ideal health insurance company worldwide. After analyzing the plans of Blue Cross we found them average like the other insurers and rest depends on your medical history and requirements as well. Just like Aetna this health insurer also provide you various health and wellness programs and if you go for it then you can avail huge discounts on your health products and services.

A mobile app is also available for users with which you can find out the in-network doctors while on the go.

Bottom Lines

Well, these are the 5 best health insurance companies in US as per plans, coverage, and monthly premiums. Before choosing the right health insurance company you have to inspect lots of aspects and for your ease here we have described the best ones.

Hope you will find the one out of these and if you found the post informative then pass it on with your close ones. Still, any query regarding any health insurance company I have discussed here then drops it in the comment box. We will give you the best possible answer to your query. For being updated with the latest tech, finance, health, entertainment, and other general news stay connect with us till then Goodbye.


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