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What are the Best Fortnite tracker sites and how to use them


Hey! Love to play Fortnite? Do you aware of your performance in the game? Do you want to know how much you have to improve to beat the top players of this battle royale game? If yes, then you have to take help of a third party site known as Fortnite tracker which will offer you the accurate game stats.

As you know Fortnite is a hugely popular game and that’s the reason it is highly competitive too. More than 50 Million users are playing this amazing fighting giant on PC, MAC, Android, and iOS but the developers didn’t provide any mean of tracking their stats yet. But no need to worry there are many Fortnite tracker sites which will give you your gaming stats from average kill/death ratio to highest kills total in the game.

You will amaze to know that top Fortnite players across the globe use these trackers to assume their performance and if you want to use them then you just need to connect with your Epic account. For your ease, we have created a list of best Fortnite tracker sites which let you avail the exact stats of your in-game progress.

So let them check and reveal the best out of them to measure your success in the game.

Fortnite Tracker sites to determine your in-game progress
Get the exact game stats with Fortnite Tracker websites

Best Fortnite tracker websites

If you are looking for detailed stats of your game progress then is the best tracker out there which is developed by Tracker Network. To avail its premium customization features you have to give a monthly subscription and your performance is measured on the basis of TRN rating. Each individual starts with 1200 and it may reach up to 5000 on the basis of their stats. The key attributes of this tracker are as follows:

  • This amazing tracker site offers you different graphs to conclude whether you are improving or going low.
  • You will get stats per season for each mode.
  • The tracker keeps a track on every individual match and records each and everything to permit you the accurate stats.
  • Apart from stats the site also gives you community challenges to avail cash prizes like most duo kills in a particular timeframe.
  • LFG section to determine the players within your area.
  •  One of the best features of this Fortnite tracker is that it enables you to know where you stand among the mob.

Although looks alike the fortnitetracker but unable to provide the detailed stats like the previous site. You can say it a good option for Save The World where you will get missions to storms and detailed stats. This site offers you lots of favorable features:

  • It will provide you the detailed info about your unlocked heroes, your gadgets, your progress within different eras, no. of gnomes you have crushed via the individual profile.
  • Through your personal schematics, you can observe the individual stats and determine with everything you have availed.
  • You can also track what you have missed during previous days and what challenges are coming back based on trends.
  • One of my favorite attire of this tracker is its user interface which is quite easy to use without any hassle.

Let’s jump to our next tracker which is new in the market but provide you in-depth stats like the mature tracker sites. comes with an uncluttered interface via which one can follow their stats without any complexity. The site contains a lot to give when compare it with its rival trackers and I can say it has a long way to go.

Well, folks, these are the best Fortnite tracker sites to avail the detailed stats about Battle Royale and Save The World respectively. Lots more exist but they don’t offer you something new and due to this fact they are outdated. Our top picks are the and Stormshield and rest on the individual’s preference. If you are looking for premium facilities then you have to pay a monthly subscription fee for FortniteTracker.

Fortnite season 9 came with Fortnite fortbytes which is a unique concept and if you want to know about them then you can check it in our previous posts.

Still, any question regarding Fortnite tracker sites then please let us know below in the comment section. We will back to you with the most appropriate answer.




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