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5 best credit cards for students 2019


A good credit history helps you a lot whenever you are looking for a car loan, house loan and for getting approval for best credit card offers. Most of the people think that for college students credit card is not required but in fact student credit card in the initial step in generating good credit history. When you transact via credit cards during your college then it will leave a good impact on your future opportunities. But choosing the right student credit card is not everyone’s cup of tea. Folks, for your ease we have created a compile list of best credit cards for students after analyzing several student credit cards.

A student credit card must have low or no annual fees, good reward system, reasonable APRs and lots more factors to consider before choosing a student credit card.

Let’s go through the post and explore the 5 best credit cards for students to get rewards and cash backs on your purchases and special perks.

5 best credit cards for students 2019
best students credit cards 2019

Best credit cards for students

Picking the right student credit card can be confusing because there are plenty of credit card options to choose from. Because you are new for credit cards and want to build a healthy credit history, we are here to help you. Scroll down and get the best credit cards for students:

1.Discover it® Student Cash Back

Our first student credit card in the list of best credit cards for students is Discover it student cash back. As there name shows via this card you will get 5% cashback quarterly and on other purchases, you will earn an instant 1% cashback. One of the best things about this student credit card is that you don’t need to pay any annual charge for it. If your GPA is 3.0 or more up to 5 then you will earn $20 statement credit.

  • Annual fees: $0
  • Regular APR: 15.24-24.24%
  • Initial APR: 0% on the first 6 months purchases
  • Foreign transaction charges: None
  • Credit needed: Fair

2.Citi Rewards+℠ Student Card

Just like Discover it this one also offers you 0% APR on your first 7-month purchases. After ending the introductory offer it will charge the 16.74% – 26.74% (Variable) APR on your purchases and other money transfers. I love Citi Rewards because it rounds up close to the 10 points for your every purchase. And if you make purchases on gas stations and supermarkets up to $6000 in combined purchases every year then you deserve the double points. Another +point of this credit card is that if you expand $500 in initial three months then it will give you 2500 bonus thank you points. Isn’t great!

  • Annual fee: $0
  • Credit required: Good
  • APR: 16.74% – 26.74%
  • Foreign transaction charges: 3%
  • Introductory APR: 0%

3.Discover it® Student chrome

Cashbacks put extra bucks in your pocket and enable you to make fair purchases. Discover it Student Chrome offers you 1% cashback on your regular purchases and if you get successful to expand $ 1000 quarterly along with gas station and restaurant purchases then you will get double cashback means 2%. At the closing of the first year, you will dollar-for-dollar match for all your rewards. Just like Student Cash Back this credit card gives you $20 statement credit every year if your GPA is 3.0 or more for 5 years. One of the most notable attire of this credit card is that you can freeze your card if you have accidentally lost it.

  • Annual fee: $0
  • Credit required: Fair
  • Foreign transaction charges: None
  • APR: 15.24% – 24.24% Variable
  • Introductory APR: 0%

4.Journey® Student Rewards from Capital One®

Our another candidate in the list of the best credit cards for students is JourneyStudents rewards which offer you 1% cashback on usual purchases. The positive thing about this one is that it will upgrade your cashback up to 1.25% if you make timely payments for a particular month. If you get successful to make payments on time for continuously 5 months then you will get a higher credit line. Like other Journey students rewards charges no annual fees and foreign transaction fees.

  • Annual fees: $0
  • Foreign transaction fees: None
  • Credit required: fair, average, limited
  • APR: 26.96% (Variable)
  • Balance transfer fees: $0

5.Bank of America® Cash Rewards Credit Card for Students

Bank of America Cash Rewards offers you a category of choice which includes gas, online purchases, traveling charges, restaurant, and medical charges and if you spend for any of these then you will get 3% cashback. For grocery items and enjoying in a club, you will get 2% cashback and for usual purchases, you will get 1% cashback as well.

0% APR for your initial 12 bills within 60 days of your account opening. You will amaze to know that you will earn a $200 cash reward if you expand the minimum $1000 within 90 days after opening your account. Really cool!

  • Annual fee: $0
  • APR: 16.24% to 26.24%
  • Introductory APR: 0% on the first 12 statements after opening your account
  • Balance transaction fees: 3%
  • Foreign transaction fees: 3%

Benefits of using a student credit card

I think creating credit credits in your college time is not pretty necessary but if you do so then you can empower your future with healthy credit history. If you have a good credit history then you can go for a car loan or a home loan without thinking anything. Also, it is proof of your tactics which will show the way you handle your borrowed amount. There are many more circumstances in which Credit card can help you instantly:

  • Whenever you go to take an apartment for rent then the landlord checks your credit history to consider how regular you are to pay your bills. After inspecting your credit record he/she will easily offer you the apartment.
  • To qualify the employment screening you must have a good credit history because nowadys a wide array of companies search their employees with a healthy credit score.
  • Looking to start a new business? But for starting a business you need business credits and without a credit history, no creditor will give you money. A good credit score will help you to get business credits at a convenient interest rate.

How to use your student credit card?

After getting approval for your student credit card you would be pretty excited to use it. If you keep some key factors in your mind while using your credit card you will get the best out of it:

  • Don’t buy useless things or make unaffordable expenses with your credit card because it may lead to you bad credits.
  • If you want to create a healthy credit score then it is highly recommended to pay your credits on time.
  • Suppose your credit card limit is $500 then how much money will you spend? To secure your credit score being a student you should have minimum 30% balance in your credit card.
  • I have discussed here all the credit cards with no annual charges and if you choose any of them then I suggest you to keep your account open.

Bottom lines

Folks, here you came through the 5best credit cards for students with good rewards and cash backs and I hope you will easily choose out of them as per your requirements. Hope you gathered the required info via the post and if you found it helpful then do share with your nears and dears who are searching for the same.

Still, any question regarding above-mentioned student credit cards then feel free to drop in the comment section.





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