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The best Car Insurance Companies in 2019 (Top Auto Insurers in US)


Doesn’t matter you buy your dream car from Buy here pay here dealership or from the regular dealers, you can’t drive without insurance. Because in case of any mishappening like an accident you can claim for your loss. But if your auto insurance company don’t fulfill their promise at the time of accident or damage then nothing can be worst then that. So before choosing the car insurance company, you have to look after several aspects such as coverage, customer service, premiums and many more. If you are confused to choose the right auto insurer for you then you are lucky to land here because we are going to discuss best car insurance companies in the US.

If you bought your car first time then it may be a daunting task for you to choose the right car insurer. But if you follow certain guidelines before selecting your auto insurer then you can escape from every type on inconvenient.

Let’s check out the post and reveal the best tips you have to apply before buying car insurance. After it explores the list of best car insurance companies in the US.

Best car insurance companies 2019
Best auto insurers in US

Things to consider before buying car insurance (Tips to be followed before choosing the car insurance company)

All car insurance companies provide you the almost same services but the thing which differentiates them is the of delivering their services. Don’t be confused and take a look below to know the best tips to apply before choosing your car insurance partner:

  • First of all, observe the reviews of car insurance companies available in your region and also take the assistance of your family and friends.
  • Ask for quotes from different auto insurers and analyze them. You have to give emphasis on the chief aspects like deductibles, discounts, payment options, etc.
  • Then shortlist your choices and after it checks their authenticity and also inspects if the company is fully licensed or not.
  • After it talks to the insurance agents to determine the coverage info.
  • That’s it! You are ready for buying car insurance.

The best car insurance companies 2019

When things come in terms of insurance its all about to save your money in tough times. Health insurance pays your medical bills and car insurance save your bucks at the time of damage and accident. An ideal auto insurer is one which understands your insurance needs and explains the insurance policy too. at the time of filing claim, these companies co-operate with you through the entire process, give information and solve out your issues.

Great customer service and discounts of different policies are the chief attributes of the best auto insurance companies. Let’s check out our picks in the list of best car insurance companies and determine which one is for you:


If you belong to US armed force then there is no better option than USAA. USAA secured the place in top 3 car insurance companies in the US because of its customer service, ease of use, and regular updates. Also, the company charges lower annual rates than other insurers and that’s the reason J.D Power 2018 reports gave the company a good score.

One and only shortcoming of the insurer is that it is available for military persons and a normal individual can’t buy its policy.

Fast facts

  • USAA got excellent financial stability ratings from the A.M Best.
  • Limited availability only for military families.
  • GAP insurance, new car replacement, and interior coverage are missing.

State Farm

State Farm’s owners are its policyholders and as per the Insurance Institute 2018, it is one of the largest insurance company in the US. not only huge but also its good customer satisfaction ratings from J.D Powers stands it out among the mob. If you are looking for a personalized insurance experience then I would recommend State Farm.

It is pretty simple to file a claim and to call an agent from the company. There is a dedicated mobile app called Pocket Agent mobile app via which you can convey the pictures of your damaged vehicle to the insurance company. One of the most notable features of this insurer is that you can chat with its representatives online whenever need.

Fast facts

  • The company boasts 18% of the total market share.
  • Contains about 700000 employees including 18000 agents.
  • Hassle-free claim filing
  • Brawny financial strength
  • Lack of driver’s discounts.
  • New car replacement coverage is also not available.


GEICO is popular for its animated gecko and also for its lower annual rates, customer satisfaction as well. Geico is the second hugest auto insurer in the country and great in terms of accessing agents, agent courtesy, timely payments, and in terms of response.

If you are a tech-savvy and looking to file your claim online then Geico is the best option for you. You can do each and everything via its mobile app such as buy insurance, pay bills, manage your policy, and submit a claim. Great news for Military employees and federal employees: Geico offers extra discounts for them.

Fast facts

  • Low annual rates, nationwide availability, and ease of access make it one of the best auto insurers in the US.
  • Quote tool available to conclude the exact price of a particular plan.
  • They offer ridesharing insurance along with emergency roadside help.
  • ¬†Existing customers tend to renew their policies.


Next auto insurer in the list of best car insurance companies in the US is Progressive which is known for its variety of discounts and great customer reviews. Founded in 1937, Progressive allows buying its plans straight with a phone call or via its site.

Like other insurance companies, you can file a claim without any complexity and for drivers, it is one of the most chosen insurance company in the US. Progressive delivers highly competitive rates to drivers and that’s the reason behind its popularity among drivers.

Fast facts

  • Progressive permits pet coverage.
  • Having over 18000000 drivers insured with it.
  • Numerous discounts, competitive rates
  • Average ratings in terms of claims satisfaction and coverage options

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Existing more than 100 years Liberty Mutual is one of the best car insurance companies in the United States. The factor which stands out it among the horde of insurance companies is its higher customer satisfaction ratings. As per the J.D Power’s 2018 insurance survey, Liberty Mutual considered “Better than most” in terms of policies variation, availability of agents and website as well.

One of the most favorable features of this insurance company is the new car replacement. If your vehicle in less than one-year-old then you can claim for a new car. But companies annual rates are relatively higher than others and vary according to your location.

Fast facts

  • Higher policy rates
  • A new car replacement facility
  • International presence, available in 17 countries
  • Rates vary according to the location

Note down before departure…

Before choosing the auto insurer decides the policy you want to purchase and also determine how much coverage you required. High coverage means high annual charges but at the same time, you get more security at the time of massive damage.

There are lots of factors to be considered before choosing the car insurance companies and I advised you to do your own research. Read online reviews of existing customers and compare all to figure out which is the best insurance companies for you. Hope this post will assist you to take your best decision and if you found it informative then do share with your close ones.

Still, any query regarding best car insurance companies in the US then drop it in the comment box and also suggest if you have any other name in your mind.






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