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🥇Best battery powered weed eater and buying guide

battery powered weed eater

If you’ve been holding a large, air-powered weeding machine, you’ve probably craved for something that isn’t bulky, especially if you only need to clean up a small area. Although battery-powered weed eaters have been around for years, there has never been a better time to buy them, as prices have dropped and performance has increased significantly in recent years.

If you’re looking for a new battery-powered grader, you might not know which model is right for you. There is a lot of information to organize, and it’s not always clear what is useful and marketing information.

We have compiled this list of the best battery powered weed eaters to help you find the one that meets your needs and come up with a budget less than or equal to it. We’ve also gathered buyer guides, so you can learn everything you need to know about these tools before you buy.

Best battery powered weed eaters

Makita XRU09PT1

With zero emissions, lower noise levels, and significantly less maintenance, the Makita XRU09PT1 cordless string trimmer is a welcome solution for gardeners. It is powered by two fast-charging LXT 18V batteries for maximum power and runtime but does not leave the strongly prioritized 18V battery platform. With the efficient Makita BL brushless motor, the trimmer offers a longer run time, faster power and speed, and longer tool life. In addition, the sequencer rotates counter-clockwise with professional-level trimmers and uses industry-standard spindle (M10x1.25 LH) for added convenience. The XRU09PT1 model is a set of products and includes a trimmer head and feeding head, two fast-charging 18V LXT 5.0Ah batteries and an efficient 18V dual port fast charger.

Makita‘s efficient BL Brushless motor is electronically controlled to optimize battery power use for up to 50% longer runtime per battery charge than similar brushless tools. Electronic control effectively uses battery power to match the changing needs of the application to increase power and speed when needed. Without the carbon brushes, the Makita BL Brushless motor runs cooler and more efficiently for a longer lifespan. XRU09PT1 has an external propeller brushless motor made by Makita with a direct drive providing high power and increased torque. When powered by two 18V 5.0Ah batteries, the efficient brushless motor will provide up to 60 minutes of runtime in low mode on a single charge.

The weed eater fitted Makita Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) is a protective seal inside the tool. XPT is designed to improve operation under extreme conditions by transmitting water and dust from the main internal components.


  • Top of the range
  • Fastest charging
  • Maximum power
  • High productivity with more grass trimmed on each pass
  • Multiple speed trigger for power control
  • User favorite

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Worx WG184 is an excellent average use product.

This is a fairly compact grass trimmer that combines a 13-inch cutting width with two 20V batteries to give you 40V power. It runs for an average of 45 minutes, which is a good run time to cut a well-sized yard with free time. The motor is well-positioned at the top of the handle and is well balanced for easy control.

Like Makita, it gives you double the voltage for more cutting power and is the only other herbivore with a 60-minute quick charge.

Unlike the regular trimmer, this unit prides itself on the improved flow delivery mechanism, ensuring no shock or waiting for automated feeding solutions.

In addition, this weed eater converts into a direct-wheeled camcorder that delivers professional results for any pitch. Moreover, the device is adjusted in many different ways, allowing for endless possibilities.


  • Best value
  • Fastest cutting speed
  • Lightweight and balanced design, bring professional results
  • Double the power
  • Double the battery life
  • There is a variable speed control to add runtime
  • Able to convert from trimmer to edger

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DEWALT DCST920P1 Brushless Trimmer

DEWALT DCST920P1 is another good option for those who want the convenience of battery-powered weeds but want to make sure they don’t lose too much energy when switching from gas models.

This model uses a battery from DEWALT’s 20V battery system, which means that if you already own the tools from this series, you’ll be able to use their batteries for longer use without recharging. This battery powered weed eater comes with a clear range of 13 13, which is overall good, and great for an electric lawn grader.

The battery that comes with the battery lasts more than half an hour at high power settings and you can usually get more than an hour at low settings without running out of the water, which is a great lifespan.

The last thing that keeps it out of the first place is its quality control issue. Many units work well and last forever, but there is too much lemon in this line.

Although you can always return a unit in trouble, it’s a pain you don’t need to deal with.

For the price, this is a decent model, but you even get better value if you’ve used the tools on the 20V DEWALT line.


  • 13” clear range
  • High and low modes
  • Excellent battery longevity

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The Worx WG163 is like the younger brother of WG184. It is a little smaller in every way and lighter than 3,3lbs!

Worx WG163 is a great option for cost-conscious shoppers. It has one of the lowest prices on our list, this makes it a good deal on that element alone. The machine is a dual trimmer/edger, meaning you are getting two for one.

It comes with a telescopic handle, which means you can adjust the height, which is an extremely useful feature if you’re tall or short.

You still get two 2.0aH batteries, so you have an equivalent run time of 40-45 minutes, but it only runs on a single battery so you lose that extra voltage and it doesn’t come with a fast charger, so, it will take you more than 3 hours to charge up.

But if you only use it monthly, it doesn’t even matter. You only need to charge the battery after use is complete and get the battery ready for next month. Easily.


  • Adjustable the length
  • Very light
  • 3-year warranty
  • Bestseller at Amazon

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The Black + Decker LSTE525 is almost directly equivalent to Worx WG163 in almost every respect; price, voltage, cutting width, etc., except for two things: weight and power/runtime.

It features Power Drive Transmission that increases torque for more cutting power at the chain and 2-speed control that lets you choose between more power or extended runtime. It easily converts from trimmer to wheel edger. This unit has an Easyfeed feature that allows you to advance to your line at the touch of a button without having to pay.

It has a premium micro-textured soft grip that offers comfort and control while using the tool. Height and handles can be adjustable for the user’s ultimate comfort.

Like most Black + Decker tools, it’s built to be tough/durable and long-lasting, weighing a pound more than Worx.

Wise capacity, comes with two 1.5aH batteries, meaning you only get up to about 30 minutes of runtime between the two batteries, and again, unless you have a fast charger, it will take more than 3 hours to charge the battery.


  • The most flexible
  • Speed adjustment
  • Adjust the length
  • The battery is replaceable with DeWALT 20V battery

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Earthwise LST02010

The Earthwise LST02010 is a pretty special little weed eater.

Weighing only 4.4 pounds with a 10-inch diameter, it’s so light that your 80-year-old grandmother can use it. And if you’re looking for the cheapest thing available, look no further, you’ve found it.

In fact, this device is so affordable that you can completely forget Craigslist.

This tool is perfect for 15-20 minutes of use on light grass and weeds, and it’s nice and compact for easy storage.

So, regardless of your lawn maintenance needs or price range, there is obviously something quality available to you.


  • Best value
  • The maximum speed of 8800 rpm
  • Lightest
  • Adjust the length
  • Fast charger included

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Greenworks 2101602

Greenworks also boasts a line of devices that focus on replaceable batteries. Greenworks 2101602 uses the popular G-Max 40V battery for most battery-powered devices, which, in theory, will give you the same options with other brands that use replaceable batteries. It provides a good runtime of up to 45 minutes.
The weed wacker comes with a variable speed trigger, which allows you to increase power output when you reach a difficult point, which is a good feature.

Double helix: for increased cutting efficiency, this stringing machine operates with .065 inch double helix.

Speed ​​change: to save you battery, the tuner is equipped with speed activation control.

Lightweight: the spring trimmer weighs 9.2 pounds and is quite easy to handle.

Battery improvement capabilities: the trimmer comes with a 2.0Ah battery, but you can buy a 4.0Ah battery if you want to increase autonomy.


  • Compact design and handy to increase the convenience for users
  • Speed changer feature
  • Superior drive design strength through the difficult overgrowth

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Battery-powered weed eater buying guide

We looked at a myriad of different criteria to decide which of the dozen weed eaters we tested deserved a spot on our list. These criteria included design, balance, noise levels, overall build quality and ease of use. In addition, we are always concerned about the reputation of the brand, the reviews (although we take them with a grain of salt) and the price, because we always have our eyes open on the value.

Now, if we sold you one of those special weed eaters and your search is complete, great.

For those who are not completely decided, we will learn the basics of everything else you might want to consider when buying a wireless herbivore, so you can look at the specs yourself. What does it mean?

Battery Type

There are 4 main types of batteries used for a weed eater:

  • Li-ion Battery (Li-ion) – Li-ion batteries are the most preferred/popular battery because of their superior energy storage capacity. Your phone, laptop, and tools are all Li-Ion because you can store more power in a smaller space.
  • Nickel Metal Nickel (NiMH) – Metal nickel batteries provide greater instant power due to less resistance, but tend to not last long. They are ideal for flash photography, high brightness flashlights, etc.
  • Niken Cadmium (NiCd) – Nickel Cadmium batteries are less common in household appliances compared to smaller daily batteries (AA, AAA, etc.) because of the lower storage capacity per size. However, they are about 3 times cheaper than Li-ion and half the price of NiMH, live 2-3 times longer than the life cycle and are less affected by extreme temperatures. They need deep discharge monthly.
  • Lead-Acid – This battery tends to be used exclusively for vehicles, cars, tractors, lawnmowers, four-wheel vehicles, etc. They are highly resistant to discharges, high environmental factors. more and have higher CCA (cold amp).

Battery Capacity / Size

Battery dimensions are measured in amperes (aH). To understand it, you need to know what amperes are.

The ampere is the speed of the flow. So in our water pipe, that could be 1000 gallons per hour, regardless of the voltage (how full the tube is). Let’s say it is 1 ampere.

We measure our battery capacity by how many hours the ampere can flow out of a battery until it runs out of battery. In the same way, a 10,000-gallon tank with a flow rate of 1000 gallons per hour would take 10 hours to be completely empty.

We say the capacity/size of the battery is 10 hours.

Now, if you change the flow rate (ampere) by tilting the tube to a steeper angle so that 2000 gallons per hour (2 amps) pass through it, your 10aH battery will run out in 5 hours.

Similarly, if you’ve gone even steeper to 5000 gallons per hour (5 amps), your 10aH battery will be depleted in 2 hours.

And if you somehow manage to get your traffic up to 10,000 gallons per hour (10 amps), your 10aH battery will be completely depleted in an hour.

Battery Running Time And Charging Time

This is really straight forward.

How long is the running time, your battery will be completely depleted when using that device?

Charging time is the time it takes for your battery to be fully charged after it is completely discharged.


Every modern grader weighs under 10lbs, and cheaper models weigh a little more than that, so weight isn’t something you might need to think unless you’re looking for something in stock. head.

A heavy trimmer will tire you out after prolonged use, but most of that weight can easily be removed with a strap, strap or belt.


Traditionally, there are two main designs when it comes to herbivores: straight or curved.

Straight shaft battery powered weed eaters are generally sturdier, have better reach, larger torque and can be used for more purposes.

Curved shaft battery powered weed eaters are usually lighter, quieter, and will vibrate and be more restrictive to borders.

However, it is worth noting that most curved shaft trimmers have become obsolete when using short, straight, scalable shafts as can be seen in the cheaper models above.


The limited warranty is a safeguard from the manufacturer for your product and this is a secret.

Most people do not use them.

For a period of one to three years (depending on the specific brand/company) from the date of purchase, if the product is damaged in any way it appears to be a manufacturing defect or fault and not abused by the customer. , the manufacturer will repair, replace or return the product for free.

Most of the brands above have a two or three-year warranty on their tools and even a one-year warranty on their batteries.

It’s worth keeping track of your warranties and receipts for covered items as tools in case something goes wrong. A lot of people throw away the warranty with the packaging when opening their product box, but statistically, in the long run, you will definitely save your money.

Types of weed wacker

  • Electric – Electric weed eaters are available wired or wireless. Both have their advantages, but keep in mind that neither will have the cutting power of a gas weed eater.
  • Cord – Electric trimmers that use a power cord are usually the lightest. This is because there is no battery, no petrol tank and no metal pistons like in a petrol lawn trimmer. The main disadvantage of this type of string trimmer is that you are limited by the length of the cord and that you have to drag it with you wherever you go. However, if you only use it to maintain a small yard or garden, it shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Cordless – The battery powered weed eater is very practical, lighter than gas weed eater and produces no emissions. They are safer than gas grass trimmers and there is no rope to drag either. You can take the battery trimmer everywhere you need it, work quickly and move on. The main disadvantages of the cordless weed eater are that it is a strictly light machine and, if you are not scrupulous to fully charge it after each use, you may see the battery die while you are tidying up the garden.
  • Gas – The gas weed eater is often seen on the roadside, on golf courses and on the grounds of large commercial projects. This is because they are more powerful, they allow you to work quickly to cover a lot of ground and they do not fear harder undergrowth. There are several reasons why the owner might want to change to a gasoline trimmer. First, it is the noisiest type of weed eater. Second, there is the safety factor related to the transportation of gasoline. Third, they give off harmful fumes. Finally, it is the heaviest type of weeder thanks to its 2-stroke engines.

How to use a string trimmer safely?

Here are some common-sense tips to make sure you always use your weeder safely.

  • Never bang the trimmer head too hard against the ground to let out the new thread.
  • Always hold the trimmer head perfectly level with the ground when cutting near obstacles.
  • Do not use a grass trimmer to prune trees against tree trunks.
  • Always wear proper eye protection when using a trimmer.
  • When using a petrol lawn trimmer in tight spaces, watch out for vapors.
  • Never place your hand near the cutting head while it is in operation.
  • Make sure the extension cords you are using for an electric trimmer are in excellent condition.
  • Don’t demand more from your electric weeder than it was designed to do.

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