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Bluestacks vs Nox vs Andy: Best Android Emulators for PC 2019


Gone are those days when we used to play video games on our TV screens and nowadays we can enjoy games on our mobile phones. Google play store is loaded with millions of games of different genre such as fighting, racing, running and much more for your endless amusement. But to play games on mobile devices for a long time can drain your battery too quickly and that’s the reason many users love to play Android games on their PC and MAC. Apart from battery life, it is a really amazing experience to play mobile games on a huge screen device but with which it is possible. You can enjoy all your mobile games and apps on your computer with the help of Android emulators and because of growing demand, there are lots of emulators in the market. If you are looking for the best Android emulators for PC to run Android apps and games on your desktop then you have visited the right page.

As I said above that there are lots of emulators but Bluestacks, Nox and Andy are quite popular among them. If you are confused which one you should choose to emulate Android games on your PC then we will help you to simplify your task. Here I will compare Bluestacks, Nox, and Andy so that you get comfortable to choose the best Android emulators for PC as per your requirements.

So let’s check out the post and decide which emulator will be the best for you.

Best Android Emulators for PC
Bluestacks vs Nox vs Andy: Which is the best Android emulators for PC

Bluestacks vs Nox vs Andy


Whenever things come in terms of Android emulator then the foremost name which strikes in our mind is Bluestacks. Indeed it has become synonymous for emulation. You can play all the Android games such as Clash of Clans, Subway Surfers and many more after the simple installation process of Bluestacks. Not only games but also Bluestacks empowers you to run several social media apps like Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook right from your desktop. Bluestacks comes with free and paid version and if you go for the free version then you have to bear annoying ads.

For newbies, Bluestacks is a great option because it is pretty easy to download and install. You can also access apps and games from third-party sources via Bluestacks.


Andy stands out among the mob because of its advanced features and you can say it one of the best Android emulators for PC. Doesn’t matter you want to play an Android game or want to access your messages via your desktop, Andy can do everything for you. One of the best thing about Andy is that this emulator allows you to use your smartphone just like a controller. Sensor, camera, and microphone integration create an unbeatable gaming environment.

But it may be little tricky to install and run when compared with Bluestacks. Andy is available for both MAC and windows and also empowers you to root your virtual mobile device.


If you are going to install an emulator for gaming purpose then I will recommend you to go for Nox. Like Bluestacks it is quite simple to install and run and also very fast in terms of performance. Nox app players enable you to utilize your desired gamepad with the mapping keys and buttons to perform the android gestures. Although this emulator is based on an older Android version 4.4.2, you can run most of the apps without any issue.

You don’t need to pay anything because Nox is free to download just like Bluestacks with Nox you can also download apps and games from the other sources. One of the best features of Nox which I like most is its superfast speed and you can play higher graphics games on your PC with this great emulator.

Best Emulators for PC

Bluestacks vs Nox vs Andy: Use and Setup

For those who are looking for a simple and easy to use a simulator, Bluestacks is the best pick because it is pretty easy to setup and use. Blustacks comes with its own user-interface along with the standard Android interface.

Things become little tricky when you install and set up Andy and it is not too simple as Bluestacks. You may face issue while installing the Andy but after installation, you can easily run it on your desktop.

Nox is also easy to access and setup like Bluestacks. Once you installed Nox, you can enjoy any Android game with more ease on your PC.

Bluestacks vs Nox vs Andy: Performance

The topmost factor which will help you to figure out the best Android emulators for PC is performance. Blustacks focus on games and there may be issues while running regular apps via Bluestacks.

But in terms of performance, Andy is ahead in the race and offers you a similar experience for both games and apps. One thing that attracts most of the users is its controller feature.

Nox also focus on games like Bluestacks but few apps like Camera, Facebook lite, and File manager are pre-installed in this emulator. The most notable thing about Nox is that it doesn’t consume too much RAM of your device.

Bluestacks vs Nox vs Andy: Price

Bluestacks is free to use emulator but the developers of Bluestacks hugely focused on selling their apps. If you don’t install their apps then you have to pay $2 monthly.

In terms of price, Nox wins the race as it is totally free to download and install. If you love free services then Nox is the best choice for you.

Like Nox, Andy is also free to use and offers you advanced facilities without paying a single penny.

Final verdict

Bluestacks, Nox, and Andy come with different features and after reading the post you can easily decide which one is the best Android emulators for PC. Bluestacks is for light games only and can be slow in terms of regular apps. Nox is the best for both apps and games and also superior in terms of speed. Andy contains extra qualities and empowers you to use your smartphone as a controller. All the emulators have their pros and cons and you can choose as per your requirement and device specifications.

Hope you enjoyed the post and if you liked it then do share with your close ones. Still, any question regarding best Android emulators for PC striking in your mind then let us know below in the comment section.




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