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Bandcamp vs Soundcloud: Comparison Overview


Online Music Streaming apps are boon these days for music Lovers and Artists. Agree? There are a lot of Music streaming apps and you might be confused about which one to choose. My today’s article gives you a clear picture of the difference between the two most popular music apps, Bandcamp vs Soundcloud, which one is good and why. Many people like us stay often confused between the selection of the apps, like SoundCloud or Spotify, Soundcloud or Bandcamp and many more. Both the apps are good for artists/musicians who want to post their creations and want to reach to the targeted audience.

Bandcamp vs Soundcloud best music streaming apps
Bandcamp vs Soundcloud


SoundCloud is an online music streaming platform where a musician can post their creations and audience can listen for free. The audience can like it, comment on it and repost it on their individual newsfeeds. Everyone can get the advantage from the app and that’s too for free completely. It’s common for DJs to use the platform to post their remixes.


Bandcamp is similar to SoundCloud, it allows the artists to create their creation and share it with others. Additionally, it allows the Audience an option of “pay-what-you-want”. The audience is allowed to pay some money to the artists and may request them for some more creations.

Bandcamp vs Soundcloud: Uploads and Downloads

Soundcloud allows you to upload a maximum of 90 minutes in its free version but if you need to upload more, you will have to take subscription packs. This means your storage space reduces by song duration rather than file size.

Bandcamp has no limits to song uploads.

SoundCloud allows you 100 downloads per song in the free version whereas Bandcamp allows 200 downloads per song per month. Both the streaming sites will offer you a lot more in their premium version.

Bandcamp vs Soundcloud: Invest and Gain


  • SoundCloud Pro Unlimited – $12 per month, if billed Yearly and $16 per month, if billed monthly with Unlimted Upload time.
  • SoundCloud Pro- $6 per month, if billed yearly and $8 per month, if billed monthly with 6 hours upload time and many other features.

There is No gain in SoundCloud, I mean the artist can not earn here.


Bandcamp base version is free for everyone. That means No investment, only gain. Bandcamp will take a hare only after you start earning.

Bandcamp takes 10% of sales and 15% of downloads. After a seller reaches a $5,000 profit, then the Bandcamp drops down to 10% of total earning profit. Revenue is linked to your (the artist) PayPal account so that $5,000 can come from any number of releases.

Though you can upgrade pro version too for advance benefits. For $10 a month, you can upgrade to a Bandcamp Pro version, and send out discount codes, use private streaming options and access in-depth analytics.

You can Invest and Gain in Bandcamp!

Bandcamp vs Soundcloud: Pros and cons

Advantages of Soundcloud

  1. The free version is more than enough for most
  2. Artists can upload their remix of the songs
  3. Creation of Big Artists is on Top List.
  4. Your own creations can be shared privately to the chosen list only.

Disadvantages of Soundcloud

  1. Bad user app
  2. Artists have no command over the performance
  3. Flooded with bots
  4. Copyright Detection
  5. User can not Earn
  6. Bad Autoplay Algorithms

Advantages of Bandcamp

  1. Allows artists to sell their music independently
  2. Allow albums instead of singles
  3. A friendly user interface, easy to use
  4. Allows artists to safely upload acquired music

Disadvantages of Bandcamp

  1. Pop music is less

I have used both the apps and my choice is Bandcamp. Both the apps are almost the same, the pros and cons are there in both. I would suggest you if you are an artist and your purpose is only to make money, go for Bandcamp. Otherwise,  Soundcloud is better!

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