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Baidu vs Alibaba vs Tencent: Battle of top tech giant in China


Have you ever heard of BAT? Here BAT refers to Baidu vs Alibaba Vs Tencent, the rising Internet companies in the world. The three Giants are web companies serving different areas. Baidu is for search, Alibaba is for E-commerce, Tencent is for social media and mobile gaming. All three companies started nearly around the late 1990s and early 2000’s serving the nation. The market values of the companies are $484 billion (Alibaba), $447 billion (Tencent) and $89 billion (Baidu) as of 2018. With the great revenue value, they have entered the pool of the world’s most valuable tech companies, sharing the same stage with US tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, and Facebook.

Baidu vs Alibaba vs Tencent: Battle of top tech giant in China
Baidu vs Alibaba vs Tencent

These tech giants are more than just search engines. In the past 2 decades, companies have grown up massively. They have built an extremely complicated empire in china’s political economy too. Do you know what are the powers behind BAT? How they develop such a massive empire only in 2 decades? So let me tell you, there are three potential strengths that are responsible for the rise of BAT in china. These are:

  1. The all three Chinese web giants are entered in the world’s largest online market which is shielded by the so-called “Great Firewall”. According to reports, in the year 2017, china’s total Internet user strength raised to 772 million. So, Each and Every day such a large population is searching the web using Baidu, exchanging messages through WeChat and buy things through Alibaba’s website. The “Great Firewall” of China has thus also worked as a business shield for the state to preserve its domestic market for home-grown players. Also, this large home market has become more productive as well, in accordance with China’s growing economic power.
  2. Second, aside from a huge and productive market, the three giants have also benefited from the Chinese gove Strong policy Support, especially its persistent focus on the development of communication and information technologies (ICTs) during the past three decades.
  3. Next force has been almost ignored, is the role of transnational capital. Although Beijing manages its home internet through various administrative actions, it has exhibited an unusually high degree of tolerance toward foreign capital as portfolio investment, which literally jump-started its web economy in the late 1990s.

Baidu VS Alibaba VS Tencent


Baidu is First china’s Technology company that deals with an Internet search. Of all three giants, Baidu was the first to enter the world of Artificial Intelligence too. It has applied deep learning to its Ranking techniques and scored a big win five years back in 2014. Andrew NG is heading the Silicon Valley Labs of Baidu’s. By the year 2015, Baidu’s AI intelligence is proved by Chinese speech recognition, which is done by Microsoft in the year 2016. Coming to the year 2017, China’s search engine now is a master in AI, Self-driving vehicles and international open-source platforms. The Revenue has raised to 21.1 Yuan or $.1 billion USD and this revenue is increasing by a constant value of 31% each year.


Alibaba is China’s leading e-commerce giant has made an incredible rise in Chinese retail and finance sectors. It has made a digital market place for online shoppers. China is leading the world in Fintech Disruption, and thus Alibaba’s Ant Financial Services Group manages the world’s largest money market fund. it has made loans to millions and handled more payments in 2017 than Mastercard. Small and Taobao are China’s two online marketplaces, B2c, and C2c Respectively has got a shelter from Alibaba. Moreover, Alipay, Alibaba’s mobile payments platform, has made a significant change in the transactions.

Alipay is working so well that even street vendors are taking payments through BR code. Alibaba’s AI cloud platform “ET City Brain” uses AI and Deep learning algorithms to foretell outcomes over traffic management, healthcare, and urban planning, crunching data from cameras, sensors, social media, and government data. Aiming to revolutionize urban management, Alibaba has partnered with Nvidia for its deep-learning-based video platform for smart city services.


All love what, a social media platform, to stay connected. An online social media platform in China has surpassed Facebook market value in Nov 2018, and become the first Chinese company to gain $500 billion. With over a billion users, Tencent’s WeChat is like a digital Swiss army knife on steroids. We chat is an Epic! It combines the functionality of all, facebook, Paypal, Instagram, Ubereats, WebMD and many more, in just one platform. The app is fairly simple to use and easy to understand. Thus around 100 million registered users are on Wechat now. in 2018, around 38,000 medical institutions listed which have WeChat accounts, 60 percent of which allows their users to register for appointments online. Moreover, More than 2,000 hospitals accept WeChat Wallet payments.

Final Words

China’s big giants, Baidu vs Alibaba Vs Tencent, are entering everything from intelligent urban infrastructure to personalized medicine. The three behemoths are not just revolutionizing their fields but also They’re bringing an immense amount of economy and cutting edge technology to startups and markets across the globe. And all are hoping something more from BAT. And with BAT at the helm, China shows no signs of slowing down.

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