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Attorney vs Lawyer: what are the differences between Attorney and Lawyer


In the United States, Attorney and Lawyer are the interchangeable terms and there it is pretty tough to differentiate both. But in other regions, we can easily get the differences between Attorney vs Lawyer and if you are looking to get the exact definition of both terms then you have reached the right page.

So let’s start reading and figure out the differences between Attorney and Lawyer but keep in mind that my purpose is to offer you information only and I am not liable for any decision made by you after observing the post.

Attorney vs Lawyer: Key differences
Differences between Attorney vs Lawyer

Attorney vs Lawyer

Who is a Lawyer?

Lawyer term refers to someone who has studied Law. A human being who is educated in the Law is called as a Lawyer. Doesn’t matter is offering legal advice to others or not, we always address him/her as a lawyer. In the United States, if a person has attended the Law school then he/she has considered a Lawyer. Nevertheless, after qualifying from Law school you have to pass the Bar Exam to do certain judiciary jobs. The Bar exam happens in that area where you want to practice.

Who is the Attorney?

The person who has chosen the law as his/her profession after completing his/her law graduation is referred to the Attorney. The Attorney is an English word which is originated from a French word. The meaning of this word refers to a person who represents others in legal matters. Every Attorney is a Lawyer but not every Lawyer is the Attorney. To become the Attorney-of-law you have to pass the Bar Exam in the specific area where you want to practice.

I think you have understood now the clear difference between Attorney vs Lawyer. A person who has conducted the Bar exam in a certain area and practicing is called Attorney and a Lawyer is one who is graduated from the law school and doesn’t matter he/she practicing or not. Clear??

Attorney vs Lawyer: Difference between Attorney and Lawyer

If you didn’t get my point yet then these points will definitely help you to get the exact answer to your query:

  • A lawyer is a person who offers legal advice to his/her clients and has passed the Law exam. But the Attorney is one who has the permission to represent his/her client in the court in the legal matters.
  • If a person has attended the Law school and passed it then he refers to a lawyer but the Attorney is one who has attended the Law school and also passed the Bar Exam and keeps practicing.
  • A Lawyer must have the Doctor of Jurisprudence degree but for Attorneys, it is not must.
  • To be an Attorney you have to pass through the Bar exam and for a Lawyer, the Bar exam is not necessary.
  • Lawyers used to add J.D at the end of their name and on the other hand, Attorneys add Esq at the closing of their name.

Attorney vs Lawyer: Duties

After differentiating Attorney and Lawyers its time to throw light on their duties. Have a look below to confirm the duties of Attorney and Lawyers:

Duties of a Lawyer

  • Lawyer provide evidence to save his/her client from the allegation and he/she also argue in the court to free his/her client.
  • Lawyers offer beneficial suggestions to their clients and also assist his/her client to win a particular case.
  • Apart from fighting for his/her client Lawyers also do specific tasks such as research, interview witnesses, and also collect data in favor of his/her client.

Duties of the Attorney

The work of a Lawyer and the Attorney is almost similar and it is pretty tough to distinct them. But for your understanding here are the details of the duties of an Attorney:

  • The chief duties of an Attorney are the solving cases, advising his/her client, prepare legal documents, assemble contracts and accomplish cases.
  • The big difference between the Lawyer and Attorney is that the duties of an Attorney are subjected to the court.
  • Attorneys also work for business organizations to assist them legally.
  • If you are going to buy an estate then you can take help of an Attorney for better supervision.

Attorney vs Lawyer: Summing up

Many time we used to observe the use of all the two terms Lawyer and Attorney in the newspapers, television, etc but we don’t know the exact meaning of these terms. People think that they are same but both are different. I think now you are familiar with both terms and from today you will use them appropriately.

How’s the info? Got your answer or not? Please let me know below in the comment section.





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