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6 Latest App like GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus (WhatsApp alternatives)


The popularity of WhatsApp and the increasing no. of WhatsApp users make it the no. messaging app. There is no doubt about the great features, fast data transfer and security of the great chat app. But still, there are some risk in downloading the moded version of WhatsApp. As we all know the users want the maximum features in a chat app, however, the original WhatsApp offers a lot of features but still, there are some features missing in the app. So the company announced a lot of variant of WhatsApp like GB WhatsApp and Whatsapp plus. Both the apps come with the advances privacy features like last seen hide from the selected contacts. This feature is not included in the original Whatsapp.

GB WhatsApp and Whatsapp plus are the moded versions of WhatsApp. There is a risk to download these apps, you can get banned on using these apps, However, you can get the various downloading link of these apps around the web. If you are looking for the special chat features of WhatsApp moded version like GB WhatsApp and Whatsapp plus than here we come up with the most popular Original Whatsapp alternative apps.

The Whatsapp we are going to discuss here support the features similar to GB WhatsApp and Whatsapp plus. You can consider these apps the best alternatives of GB WhatsApp and Whatsapp plus.

popular Original Whatsapp alternative apps.
Latest App like GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus


OGWhatsApp is one of the best alternatives you can try as chat media. The OGWhatsApp allows you to update your WhatsApp status in the increased no. of words in comparison to the original WhatsApp. Sometimes you get failed the large no. of files like video on the other chat app but in case of OGWhatsApp, you can share the large video and other files easily and at a very fast speed. You can also zoom your profile pictures in OGWhatsApp.


When it comes to YOWhatsApp, it comes with the enhanced security features in comparison to other versions. In YOWhatsApp you don’t need a third party app lock to lock it. You can lock your chatting app without using any app lock. Apart from the locking feature, you can hide your last seen from the selected no. of contact that you want to hide from.


However, the FMWhatsApp comes with the low customization features like theme design but it is really useful for those who want to run two WhatsApp accounts in a single device. Yes, by downloading FMWhatsApp you can run several numbers on a single time. Apart from these great features, you can send more than 1GB of size files and offers more than 30 types of ticks and bubble style.

WhatsApp Lite

WhatsApp Lite is a cut-down version of the WhatsApp for the devices using the outdated version of Android. This app consumes less data, low storage and doesn’t need high internet connectivity. The app is compatible to download on the very version of Android with all the high-end features with less coverage of data space. The app comes with the easy user interface, lighter in weight, having Personalised Customisation settings, support large no. of what app groups and consume less battery and data.

GBWhatsApp MiNi

GBWhatsApp Mini is also another light weighted version designed to keep in mind the low android devices. This is good for phones having less RAM and processing power. The GBWhatsApp Mini is a trimmed down version of the GBWhatsApp with almost similar features excepting few non-usable features. You can activate DND in it so that you do not get the useless notifications. You can download the status of others as well and Hide chat from the few contacts with great privacy features.

WhatsApp Indigo

WhatsApp Indigo is also a good option you can use to expand the list of chat features. Yes, the WhatsApp Indigo with lost of coloured bubbles like Cyan, Grey, Crayon, Pink, and so forth. This moded version includes the most features of the other moded versions, You can send up to 72mb files and full HD images on the app.

Final words

So these are the best-moded versions of WhatsApp or can say the best alternative of GBwgstapp and what plus. However, these apps are not secure to download but you can give them a try to unlocked the more adc=avnced features that you missed out in original what app.

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