AMD Ryzen CPUs Outselling Intel Core CPUs! Why AMD CPUs are better than Intel?


The two biggest CPUs manufacturers AMD and Intel giving tough competition to each other but from few months the AMD Ryzen CPUs outranking the Intel Core CPUs, Yes the sale of AMD processor growing day by day while the market share of Intel core CPUs is reducing, As per the report of the largest German retailer had posted on its Reddit profile People are preferring to buy AMD Ryzen CPUs over the Intel core CPUs due to the wide range of discounts offers and great promotion deals. Recently AMD celebrates its 50 years anniversary, during that company reveal it’s AMD 3000 processor range at discounted prices and multiple buying offers.

Why AMD CPUs btter than Intel?
AMD Ryzen CPUs Continue Outselling Intel Core CPUs

AMD Ryzen CPUs Continue Outselling Intel Core CPUs

As per the latest market report, AMD is continuously leading from the Intel in no. of selling CPUs. In May 2019 the AMD Ryzen CPUs and APUs the Chinese technology company achieved a market share of 66% while the Intel Core CPUs had a share of 34%. However, the sale of both Intel and AMD processors increased but if we compare both The AMD Ryzen CPUs leaving behind Intel CPUs. The AMD CPUs are getting much popularity in the market however still the 3000 range of AMD Rysen CPUs still not arrived in the market, AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs will start to sale from July 2019 than the sale of the Intel CPUs will affect a lot.

Why AMD Ryzen CPUs better than Intel Core CPUs? Price Difference!

AMD is much involved in developing the game oriented CPUs, As the people are much involved in gaming and looking for the PC devices for fast gaming performances using fast CPUs. To see the growing demand of gaming CPUs company launched it’s AMD Ryzen 3rd gen CPUs. AMD Offering the CPUs on the affordable prices in comparison to Intel Core CPUs.

Customers are still used to buy the AMD 2nd gen Processor due to great deals and discount offers. The AMD Ryzen 2000 and Radeon RX 500 / Vega series available to buy up to $130 US which is worth to buy for the gaming lovers to enjoy the fastest gaming experience. However we didn’t see any down in the price of Intel Core processor, the company still selling them for the old stable price, Apart from it the 9th gen CPUs of Intel also not coming to the market on the continuous bases.

The Ryzen 9 3900X is a 7nm desktop processor will go on sale from 7th July for $499 which is really a great gaming performer and will give a tough fight to the  Intel 12-core i9-9920X which is priced over $1,100. You can check the difference AMD Ryzen 9 3900X vs Intel i9 9900KS

AMD Ryzen CPUs vs Intel Core CPUs: Revenue

When it comes to the revenue level of both companies it is almost equal, the reason behind it is very simple. Wherever the no. of AMD CPUs selling has increased, The Intel also sold out the good no. of processors like Intel Core i9-9900K and the Core i7-9700K which priced almost double from the AMD Ryzen CPUs. So AMD getting good revenue because of increase no. of AMD Ryzen CPUs sold out and The Intel because of the increased price of it’s CPUs even in half sale of AMD CPUs.

Ryzen 5 2600 is the most popular CPU from the AMD which comes with 6 cores with 12 threads at a very affordable price and provides incredible performance. Core i7-8700K is the 2nd most popular CPU from AMD which is also good for the gaming devices.

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AMD Ryzen CPUs vs Intel Core CPUs: The range of CPU’s sold out

So finally we come to know about the market share of both the CPUs company, The No. of AMD CPUs sold out last month include the range of all generation processor which includes 71% of Ryzen 2000 CPUs, 18% of Ryzen 2000 APUs, 10% of Ryzen 1000 CPUs and 1% of HEDT CPUs.

On the other hand, The Intel range of CPUs sold out included the 59% share of 9th Gen, 33% 8th Gen, 7% 7th Gen and 1% of Core-X.

Just one month left when the AMD will bring its 3rd gen Ryzen CPUs in the market even in better and affordable prices than The Intel processors. The 3rd Gen AMD CPUs will more efficient with higher scores to offer the best gaming and browsing experience to the users. So the chances are quite hight that in the coming month the AMD will outrank the Intel and also increase its market share.

So this was our latest report on the AMD Ryzen CPUs vs Intel Core CPUs which have included, the revenue, price and performance comparison of both companies. For more details of the upcoming processors stay connected.

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