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Amazon prime Day 2019 date, timing, best deals and everything we know so far


Amazon prime Day 2019 date is out: The sale will start on 15th July 2019: Check out the best deals, offers

To shop online has become the trend of today and if you love to shop online then no need to introduce Amazon as it is the most preferred online shopping destination for online buyers. You can buy each and everything such as home appliances, gadgets, gaming consoles, and lots more from Amazon. And like every year Amazon Prime Day is going to start and this time it will last for two days. Means you have 48 hours to pick the best deals from Amazon. Amazon Prime day 2019 is coming with over Millions of deals and if you want to catch the best deals of this great shopping event then you have landed at the right page.

Amazon has revealed the details about the prime day 2019 so on the basis of that information here is everything you need to know about the biggest shopping fair. Apart from the great deals of Amazon Prime Day 2019 here, we will suggest you the tips to make your shopping experience more favorable.

Amazon Prime day 2019 everything you need to know
Amazon Prime day 2019: Date, deals, and everything we know

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon prime day is the annual sale organized by the Amazon in every summer. The initial Amazon Prime day began in 2015 on the occasion of Amazon’s 20th anniversary. Since then it has become the most renowned global deal that is organized in 18 countries.

When will Amazon Prime day 2019 start?

This year Amazon Prime day will begin on Monday, July 15 at midnight. The shopping mania of Amazon will run for 48 hours and it will end up on July 17. Last year the length of Prime day was of 36 hours but this year Amazon has increased the duration. Means you will get two full days to grab your desired deals on Amazon.

Which countries will witness the Amazon Prime day 2019?

In 2017 Amazon Prime Day was hosted by 17 countries includingU.S., U.K., Spain, Singapore, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Japan, Italy, India, Germany, France, China, Canada, Belgium, Austria, and Australia. But this year the United Arab Emirates also included in the list.

Can anyone shop from the Amazon Prime day?

No, not everyone is eligible to shop from Amazon Prime day, these deals are only for Amazon Prime members only. In case you don’t have the prime membership you can get it with the Amazon free 30-days prime membership trial. To join the membership for a year you have to $119 but if you don’t want to pay then you can cancel your trial period.

If you are a college student then here is good news for you. College students can Sign up for Prime student membership for grabbing the prime day deals. For Prime student membership, you need to pay the only half amount of the regular membership ($59).

Mouth-watering deals you can expect with Amazon Prime day 2019

If you want to purchase the Amazon hardware then Amazon Prime Day is the most suitable time for you. From Echo devices to Smart TVs here you will get great deals on everything.

In past Prime days, we have noticed the great deals on Laptops so this every also you can expect the huge discounts on gaming laptops, Chromebooks, and convertible Laptops. Moreover, Amazon is the authorized retailer of Apple products so you will also witness the hot deals on MacBooks and iPads. Right now you can buy:

  • Amazon Fire TV Recast for $129.99 (You will get $100 Off but this deal is for prime members only)
  • Amazon Echo Dot for $24.99 (You will get $25 off)
  • Amazon Echo input for $14.99 (It will save $20 of yours)
  • Toshiba 43 inch Smart TV for $ 180 (Actual cost is $300)

How fast will prime day shipments arrive?

This year Prime members will get their shipments in an instant way. If you are residing in the US then you Amazon Prime day one-day delivery service is available for you. Nevertheless, Amazon has added 15 Boeing 737-800 cargo aircraft to deliver your shipments in a faster manner.

Tips to get ready for Amazon Prime day 2019

Amazon Prime day is a huge event for Amazon Prime members and here is a lot of things to deal with. You have to be more thoughtful to pick the great deals that will save more bucks for you. If you want to make this two-day event favorable for you then you must keep in mind:

  • Before shopping from such events always keep in mind that every deal is not too good as it seems. Don’t be a fool to see the huge discounts and cross-check everything about the particular product before buying.
  • Make a list of products you want to buy. Don’t run away the useless deals and I bet if you are sure about what you want to buy, it will help you to spend your money on useless things.
  • One key thing to escape from the fake deals is to take help of any third party source. Don’t be mad behind the Amazon Prime day and utilize it wisely.

How to shop from Amazon Prime day 2019?

You can buy from this huge event via your Alexa compatible device. If you have any Alexa compatible gadget then you can ask Alexa for prime deals and many of them will available via voice purchase. Not only via Alexa but also you can grab great deals via Amazon Mobile apps.

Hey, are you ready to shop from Amazon Prime day? I think this will help you a lot to understand the chief aspects of Amazon Prime day and also prepare you to catch the best deals without getting fooled. If you liked our info then share with your family and friends who are going crazy to shop from Amazon Prime day.




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