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🎮Hot: PlayStation 5 – All to know about Sony’s next gen console

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5, the big competitor of Xbox Series X, will be launched in 2020. Date of the announcement, price, performance, games … this is all we know and all the news rumor regarding Sony’s future game consoles.

Sony is working on PlayStation 5, the product will be successful PlayStation 4 launched in 2013 and will face Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. Scheduled for the end of 2020, PS5 will offer ultra-fast SSD storage, ray tracing compatibility and a new controller.

Performance of PlayStation 5: Exchange SSD quickly

From the beginning of 2019, Sony began to refine information on the PlayStation 5, and specifically about its technical specifications.
Therefore, we know that PS5 will integrate the following components:

  • AMD Ryzen processor (Zen 2, etched in 7nm)
  • AMD RDNA 2 graphics chip (ray tracing, 3D audio, Shading Rate Rate)
  • Super flash SSD storage
  • 4K Blu-ray player (100 GB disc)

Mark Cerny, the architect of PlayStation 5, has repeatedly emphasized the performance advantages provided by replacing traditional hard drives with ultrafast SSDs. It’s a question of returning Wap cartridges’ time with very short download times and greatly increased download speeds. This means that a racing game can, for example, bring a greater sense of speed by loading decorations to be displayed faster.

Beam tracking management will also be managed by materials, like GeForce RTX from Nvidia. AMD has confirmed the integration of this new technology into the new RDNA 2 graphics architecture. This will help improve the authenticity of the game and especially the lighting. According to Sony, the graphics chip should be able to run games at 4K at 120 Hz. However, it is hard to know that the PlayStation 5 will deliver the raw power to the 12 TFlops Xbox X Series. If the PS5 is not on par, Sony can prepare the PlayStation 5 Pro faster.

Sony has also made an announcement about the impact of the next console on the environment. The PlayStation 5 will not consume more than 0.5 W standby (when activated).

PlayStation 5 or XBox Series X: Will it be the most powerful gaming game?

It is not known exactly which manufacturer will win the performance award for this new generation. According to rumors, Xbox Series X and PS5 are elbow to elbow.

However, at present, we do not know the exact configuration of the two consoles and therefore cannot give a winner at the moment.

PS5 Game and resource compatibility with PS4

Sony has promised that the PlayStation 5 will be compatible with PS4 games. The company later revealed this promise by pointing out that this was primarily a project and had no insurance.

This is an important factor that can allow Sony to quickly become a favorite for the next generation of consoles. Indeed, ensuring the backward compatibility of PS4 games allows owners of this console to exchange it with PS5 without losing their game library.

At the 2019 Game Awards, Gearbox software studio introduced Godfall, a game that will be available on PCs and consoles exclusively on PS5.

PS5 Controller

We don’t know the exact interface of the PS5 controller yet, but we did know a few things about the controller thanks to notifications from Sony in late 2019. The controller will generally take over the design of DualShock 4 (PS4 controller), but with exciting and promising new features.

First of all, activation resistance is dynamic, allowing developers to reinforce it according to situations. For example, you may feel the bowstring stretch and become more durable when moving when our fingers pull the trigger.

The new controller also incorporates a new, more precise vibration system, by combining with the built-in speakers, creating the texture of an element of the game.


Sony also took advantage of the opportunity to transfer its controller to USB-C and integrate a larger battery. What hope for increased autonomy.

A patent application has shown that Sony is working on a technology that allows the controller to connect directly to game servers without going through the console to reduce latency on gaming services. on the cloud platform (PlayStation Now). There is currently nothing to indicate that the PS5 controller will benefit from it.

Another patent indicates the addition of two additional buttons on the back of the controller. It should be noted that Sony presented an accessory for DualShock 4 that allows it to add two buttons.

When will PlayStation 5 launch?

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will be released for the 2020 holiday season. It will be facing the Xbox Series X, which is expected to be released at the same time.
The exact date of the PlayStation 5 is not yet confirmed, Sony has confirmed that the company will not be at E3, but will participate in “hundreds” of events this year. The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has caused a lot of cancellation events in Tech, and especially the GDC, which Sony claims is not participating for health reasons.

Rumor and Speculation

Rumored games

Sony has yet to officially announce the games planned for PS5. Some games released at the end of PlayStation 4 may be released on PlayStation 5 with an improved version. We think of an example of The Last of Us: Part 2 or Ghost of Tsushima.

However, some developers have announced plans for next-generation consoles such as Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 at Bethesda. Ubisoft should offer a new Assassin Creed, this time with a Viking universe.

Although Microsoft has announced that its first games will come in a variety of genres and will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC, this will not happen for future Sony games. PlayStation 5 will have the right from launch to actual exclusion.

How does PlayStation 5 look?

The PlayStation 5 SDK has generated much speculation about the console design in its commercial version. We also see some pictures of this V-shaped machine. However, it must be remembered that development kits are very rare, like the products that are marketed.

It’s still unknown what the PlayStation 5 will look like, but it is almost certain that the design of the development kit will not be kept for marketing.


What price will PS PS5 be sold at?

For information, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro were launched for $399  with great success. PlayStation 3, it debuted for $599 and turned out to be a failure.

Meanwhile, Sony does not seem to have determined the future price of the console yet, and even if the company has promised that the price of the PlayStation 5 will be attractive, we expect the price to be significantly higher due to the consequent cost manufacturing.

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