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Guide of The Division 2: Progression level 1 to 30, experience, stuff, loot

the division 2

In recent days we have talked a lot about the end-game of The Division 2 by perhaps neglecting a little too much the new arrivals in the universe of the agents of the Division. In this tutorial, we’ll see everything you need to know to run an exciting campaign.

Before you can uncover the best hidden secrets of The Division 2, you will first have to go through a series of main missions and the classic leveling phase will encourage you to get acquainted with the crisis area. this new. This article complements our beginner’s guide, offering some basic tips. Here, we get deeper into the subject, with more advanced tips.

Building the game The Division 2

Specifically, here’s how things will happen as you progress through the game campaign:

  • Arrival in a central refuge/hub that you will have to rebuild by accomplishing main and annex missions. Each refuge grows as your exploits progress, and each proposes new members of staff to be recruited regularly (4 people per refuge). This is a place you need to go to regularly to speak to quest givers and make projects complete.
  • The exploration of each district must begin with the activation of the hideout in order to begin to contribute to the project of liberation of the area. Interacting with one of the hideout PCs also reveals all the SHD caches around, except the famous missing SHD caches which will surely prevent you from achieving the acquisition of all skills.
  • As we detail in our beginner’s guide, exploration is always very well rewarded in the game and each container that you open will contain the stuff of your level or higher. It is quite possible to rebuild your health level gear without crossing a single enemy, solo players, think about it.
  • Once all the main missions have been completed and the Capitol unlocked, you will still have to reach level 30 to try the last fortress and thus pass World-tier 1. If you have divided your playing time between primary and secondary goals and confirmed a number of projects, you should achieve this goal very simply. As a reminder, all of this can be done from your mega card (reward tab, project, etc., at the top left of the card).

division 2

Objectives to promote

As mentioned above, setting yourself the goal of validating each hideout project is a great way to explore much of what The Division 2 content has to offer. As a reminder, these projects have 3 common objectives:

  • Provide 50 items to a checkpoint, which will force you to capture at least 1 in the area you are in. If it can motivate you, remember that each completed test point target will grant access to a sanctuary containing multiple drives and containers.
  • Finding 4 SHD buffers, this is a very good plan to get you off the beaten track and explore the areas quietly, sometimes with small environmental puzzles to solve. We recommend this activity for your solo play phases, this will also allow you to better enjoy the colossal work done on the map.
  • Make 2 random events in the area, the famous ones? whites. Nothing too complicated or very long, and that can sometimes bring nice surprises.

Finally, secondary missions are also to be prioritized, if only by some of them will bring you experience, certainly, but also many craft plans.


Very quickly, you will unlock the craft workshop where you can indulge in the manufacture of objects of your level. If it is entirely possible to do without crafting far into the game, we still recommend improving the workbench as soon as possible. This will simply allow you to activate higher-level manufacturing, up to equipment scores close to 450.

Dismantling, resale and bonus

  • The lack of space in the inventory at the start of the adventure can be annoying, especially given the profusion of uninterrupted loot that TD2 offers. Dismantling or resale, suddenly? Neither. When you ask yourself to look at the contents of your inventory, take the reflex to always look if objects that you have on you could not be given for the projects (still them) of the shelters.
  • Then dismantling, up to the limit of your available stocks. Always having on hand a maximum of craft components will help you better appreciate your discoveries of manufacturing recipes and this is where the steward’s bonuses come into play, which will allow you to increase your stocks, as well as the maximum stock of your bag. Remember, you can dismantle anything you want at once with scrapping.
  • Finally, resale, you don’t really need to draw a picture: we’re here for the cash. Except if you give in to the calibration or craft sirens at each new plan, you should never run out of money during The Division 2 campaign.

Equipment: Marks and liabilities

The equipment in The Division 2 is a big piece, that is why we will support the subject with another article which should arrive soon, in order to give you the keys which will allow you to have fun with the statistics of the game (bases of builds and specializations).

In the meantime, a little appetizer with something that will serve you from the first levels: the equipment brands. Basically, these are set bonuses that will activate depending on the number of pieces of the same brand on your stuff. Note that brands only appear from rare green devices.

the division 2

Dark Zone

Dark Zones are a great place to get high-quality booty or lots of E-credits. However, the level of DZ is separated from the main campaign: it’s a much more beneficial activity in the second part of the game when the first Capitol is over. However, going there during your level up may allow you to adapt yourself to this PVE / PVP mode with fairly great tension (only done in a group).

The-Division-2-dark zone

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