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Xiaomi Amazfit X is the bracelet that measures blood oxygen


Xiaomi continues to bring wearables to the market and this new one, Amazfit X, seems to look really different.

One already loses account of the number of products that Xiaomi presents throughout the year. In this infamous year, for that matter that we all know, but that it is better not to continue naming, it seems that most companies in the technology sector have chosen prudence and are waiting for the factories on duty, especially those located in China, kick off the production. Meanwhile, as if operating in a parallel reality, Xiaomi continues to populate the wearable market and, this time, with a rather curious product.

Reinventing the formula of companies like Samsung

Recently, thanks to the information that we have been able to find in the PR NewsWire media, we have learned all the details about this new smart bracelet that Xiaomi, through its Amazfit brand, has created with certain characteristics that are worth us let’s stop at your explanation. So, without further delay, I will tell you the highlights of this Amazfit X.

Amazfit X

The panel of this bracelet is its great asset

In the first place, as you will have been able to verify by the image that I show you on these lines, we are facing a rather differential product today, but that excessively reminds us, what product of the Chinese company does not, the old bracelet Samsung quantifier, Gear Fit. Its curved appearance, even on the screen, stands out greatly.

Say of the panel, that we are facing a 2’07-inch screen, larger than its Mi Band brothers and whose construction has taken into account the aluminum and the curvature, even, of some internal elements, such as the case of the motherboard. The degree of curvature, if you are interested is 92┬║, they say that it adapts perfectly to the wrist. The screen has a resolution of 326ppi with a maximum brightness of 400 nits.

Sensors are the differential aspect of the Amazfit X

Leaving aside the aesthetic aspect and the screen, which are the first specifications that enter by sight, it should be noted the number of sensors and parameters that can be measured with this wearable.

First of all, unlike most of its rivals today, including the Apple Watch Series 5, the Amazfit X has the ability to measure the level of oxygen in the blood and this is thanks to the SpO2 sensor. Another sensor, in this optical case, called BioTracker PPG, will allow the user of the bracelet to have a much more precise measurement of their heart rate 24 hours a day. In addition to monitoring sleep and our activity, this smart bracelet can measure the level of stress we are in, placing it in four phases: relaxed, normal, medium, or high.

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Crowdfunding has enabled the success of this project

We will be closing the first contact with this bracelet, for the moment only thanks to the information that the internet provides us, with its battery. The Amazfit X has a 200 mAh battery, which would correspond to a period of one week without the need to go through the charger on duty. As usual, the wearable is capable of detecting up to nine different sports, including swimming. You can still participate in the financing campaign that is running in Indiegogo and get this bracelet for $149, shipping costs not included, being the month of August when it will begin to send to the first users. If you are interested in trying a different bracelet, this is your chance.


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