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Airtable Pricing: How much does Airtable cost for Free, Plus, Pro Plans?


To organize the workflow of your whole team is a daunting task. Thanks to Airtable with which we can organize each and everything like content, ideas, and projects so that each and every member of your team can work collaboratively. In short, Airtable is a data management software which is created for businesses, teams, and organizations to organize workflow via a spreadsheet. Intuitive interface and various presentation options make it ideal for businesses of all sizes. If you want to adopt this data management software but don’t aware Airtable pricing then your search ends up here. Because today’s topic is Airtable pricing to give you the detailed info about its various plans.

Not only pricing detail but also we will cover the features and advantages of this innovative tool. So just scroll down and gathered the valuable info you required to know.

Airtable Pricing: How much does Airtable cost for Free, Plus, Pro Plans?
Airtable pricing

What is Airtable?

Airtable is a cloud-based collaboration software which was founded in 2012. It functions as a database but looks like a spreadsheet. All the member linking with it can observe what is going on in real-time. To organize your workflow in an effective manner there are 6 components in the Airtable: Bases, Tables, Views, Records, Fields, and Workspaces.

Notable features of Airtable

I know you are here to know about Airtable Pricing but before diving into the pricing section it will be good to notice the important features of this data management software:

  • Airtable seems like a spreadsheet but it is stronger because of its relational database efficiencies.
  • With this, any organization can link related database and users can ingress the database from one to another.
  • One of the best thing about Airtable is that users can share their data easily with other teammates.
  • In case any user wants to attach notes, comments, and or discussions on a record then they can do so and like this whole team can work collaboratively straight from the database.
  • Nevertheless, users can filter, sort, and rearrange records without putting extras efforts.
  • For those who are not familiar with the coding and complex multi relationship databases, Airtable is like a boon.

Airtable Pricing

Like other cloud-based software, Airtable comes with different plans such as free, Plus, and Pro plans. Here is a detailed analysis of its pricing.


Free means limited features!! Yes, Airtable’s free plan limits you with 1200 records per base. Whereas in other plans you get limitless bases to use. You will get only 2GB attachment space to organize your workflow and I think it will be insufficient for those who work in a team and need lots of images and text etc. Also, you can’t customize user interface as per your requirements and customer support is also poor. In a nutshell, you can’t access the premium features of the data management software with the free version.


$12 per user/per month

You would probably think that this plan offers you unlimited features. But you are wrong! As per features perspective Plus plan is similar to the free one. You get the same features as you get in the free version but usage limits differentiate both plans. In Plus plan you get 5000 records/bases, 5GB attachment space, and 6 months revision and snapshot history.

If you and your team used to attach a wide array of images into your bases then Plus version offers you almost double space. Thus you have the freedom to add rich quality images to your records.


$24 per user/per month

Pro means professional! Through the pro version, you get advanced features which are not available in both free and Plus version. After buying the Pro version you get ingress to brand personalizations, blocks and other facilities such as calendar and other ones. With Pro Plan, you get 50000 records/per base, 20 GB attachment space along with 1-year revision and snapshot history.

One of the best advantages of the Pro plan over Free and Plus is that users get priority in terms of customer support. Means your issues will be responded before free and plus users issues. Awesome na!

Concluding lines

Airtable allows its users to organize each and everything in a whole new way. Its plans are available in different prices depends on your requirement. I hope with the above-mentioned info you can easily figure out whether you should go for Plus plan or for the Pro one. The free plan is also in the queue.

If you found the post informative then do share with your colleagues and family & friends. Still, any query regarding Airtable then let us know below in the comment section.

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