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9 best fighting games for Android in 2020

best fighting games for android

Fighting games may not be a high-end Android game, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t crazy about it. Players still appreciate the inhuman violence that these games cause. Hardcore punches, violent kicks, limb cuts and anything that lets the enemy’s dripping blood escape; There are several fighting games for Android that bring a whole new level of action.

Even after offering such stimulating content, it seems like the genre is completely erased from the players’ memories. Therefore, I’m going to discuss some of the best fighting games for Android that restore the fighting spirit in 2020. Let’s get started.

Best fighting games for Android in 2020

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is the first name that always comes up when gamers talk about the best fighting games for Android. The game comes with stunning 3D graphics and animations. Not to mention the ghost equipment and special skills that make it even more interesting.

The mobile fighting game offers a huge collection of equipment that you can choose from for your character. Although the game has only one character, it brings a lot of customization to its appearance, skills and equipment.


Handling the game can be a bit difficult at first because you have to press two or three buttons simultaneously. But once you understand, defeating your enemies will no longer be a daunting task – unless you are in PvP mode where they can give you hellish weather.

Shadow Fight 3 is a cool fighting game with good mobile graphics and an engaging storyline. The only problem that seems to concern me is that of free play. Since defeating high-level opponents requires good equipment and talent, you will have to continually manage your skills from previously crossed levels.

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Shadow of Death: Dark Knight – Stickman Fighting

Shadow Of Death is another fighting game for Android with dark themes and vivid graphics, combined with tight guillotine gameplay, making it a mellow option for users. The offline Android game features four unique characters with different skills and magic attacks.

Shadow of Death

The game has a huge inventory system where you have to unlock different types of new skills and magic attacks. You can also improve your skills by using award-winning gems in combat. In addition, each connection will give rewards like armor, weapons, gems and much more.

The only problem with this fighting game seems to be the delays that occur more frequently when you engage in more PvP battles. In addition, the configuration at different stages seems identical, so you can get bored by the monotonous dynamics of this game.

Overall, Shadow Of Death is addictive. The striking graphics, combined with extensive customization, are worth it. And if you’re looking for an insane number of killings, this is it.

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Honkai Impact 3rd

Anime fans! You will definitely love this beauty. Honkai Impact 3rd is an awesome animation game that brings together cute girls who know how to fight. This fighting game for Android has interesting storylines and beautifully designed characters.

The game starts with Kallen, the most famous Valkyrie whose mission is to defeat the last evil force, Honkai. A number of elite warriors are unlocked as you advance through the game. You can upgrade the Valkyrie unit by obtaining EXP chips. In addition, the game includes options to upgrade weapons and buy new ones.

Honkai Impact 3rd

The role-playing part of the game requires you to travel through virtual terrains and fight enemies that appear in the open. Since the game contains a fairly large data file, make sure you have a solid device to run the game smoothly.

In short terms, Honkai Impact 3rd is filled with magic and action skills. The best part of the game is its combat system which brings different characters to life. The premium currency model is also very lenient compared to other Android fighting games.

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Transformers: Forged to Fight

Like the franchise, Forged to Fight bots include Optimus Prime and BumbleBee who are going on a one-to-one showdown with other processing robots. Kabam, who is also a developer for Marvel Content of Champions, has done a great job with the 3D graphics and combat dynamics of the game.

In addition to basic kicks and punches, Transformers can take out their heavy weapons once you get away from the enemy. In addition, robots can use certain special moves, such as turning into a car, then hitting other opponents, or sending smaller robots out of their bodies for heavy attacks.

Transformers Forged to Fight

This Android fighting game includes Autobots, Decepticons, Maximals, all of which work as a team. Obviously, there is a reason why these longtime rivals have teamed up. Transformers Forged to Fight covers different missions in history. On each card, we have the choice to go with missions with the least resistance.

Its multiplayer mode includes creating alliances, protecting your base from global players with unused robots and much more. Overall, Transformers Forged to Fight is very interesting to play and the theme of transformers will intrigue you for weeks.

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Boxing Star

Do you have a knack for boxing? Boxing Star is one of the best fighting games for Android that you cannot ignore. The purpose of this boxing game is to show how you can exactly hit and hit the enemy.

The game comes with a nice basic storyline. You are an aspiring boxer who begins his career with street fighting and tries to reach the top. Besides the visuals, the best thing about this Android boxing game is the responsive controls.

Boxing Star

With precise strikes and glides, you can dive, dodge and weave to avoid attack from the opponent and hit back with a perfect marker. You can also launch a special heavy attack powered by an energy meter.

The game includes different boxing characters and includes equipment that can significantly improve the player’s fighting skills. The only problem with the game is the level of difficulty which increases ridiculously after beating a few opponents. League mode becomes impossible to conquer unless you really know how to throw these moves.

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Head Boxing

Head Boxing is one of the most popular boxing games on Android. This free fighting game for Android has more than seven different modes like Championship, Survival, League, 2Players, Multiplay, etc. You can unlock most of them after reaching level three. Unlike Boxing Star, this game is not that difficult. You can beat anyone by just using basic punches, which is why dead mode should be enough for people looking for a challenge.

Head Boxing

download here


Skulls Girls is an action-packed Android game whose graphics and combat system make it one of the best free fighting games on Android. Once you start playing this game, you will realize that injustice and the competition of the Marvel Champions do not even come close.

Available on the console of the same name, the fighting game offers superb cartoon characters and a very good control system. You have directional swipes for different types of shots, keys for special attacks and much more. The control system can be edited to perform a variety of movements.

Skulls Girls

Skull Girls brings the greatest number of combos and skills. Using the right character with the right skill set can fetch titles and bonuses. You can improve your characters, move sets, and create powerful sets to defeat your opponents. In addition, you can also unlock different characters with unique moves.

It becomes difficult as you progress through the higher levels and face enemies that have already been defeated; This is how the free-to-play model of the game works. But all in all, this Android fighting game is one of the best on the market.

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CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

If you think you’ve seen all the weird things a cat would do, think again! This mobile fighting game resembles robotic wars in the real world. The most important part of the fighting game is the correct fusion of pieces. Developed by ZeptoLab which has already built games like Cut The Rope.

Crash Arena Turbo Stars

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WWE Mayhem

The list of the best free fighting games can never be complete without a WWE game. This is WWW Mayhem; One of the most popular fightings games available for Android users today. The game features famous fighters such as John Cena, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Undertaker and other iconic players from World Wrestling Entertainment.

WWE Mayhem

At first, you get three WWE stars who fight different WWE wrestlers. Depending on your level, you choose the equivalent fighter. Game currency and loot give you bonuses, health packs, etc. You can also upgrade your fighter to higher levels.

The game has a versus mode where you can take on global players online. You can also make alliances in the game. Team fighting always excites me in the wrestling game. Overall, the fighting game is addictive, probably due to the easy controls and decent graphics.

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Fight with all your might

So these are the 9 best fighting games for Android devices. I hope I have managed to revive the fighting spirit that was once lost between Android games.

If you have played most of the above games before, wait until I update this article. Next month I will be making new content, if you have fighting games not mentioned above, please comment on them.

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