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7 tips to play Final Fantasy VII Remake, already available on PS4


Final Fantasy VII Remake is finally here! In fact, many of you have already started to get to know this long-awaited RPG, reliving the iconic sabotage mission of Mako Reactor # 1.

It will obviously not be easy to face an organization as powerful as the Shinra company, even with a former SOLDIER in your ranks.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help. We have prepared 7 tips (a little subtle wink) to make your life easier during your trip to Midgar.

Final Fantasy VII Remake, 7 tips to play


Use ATB whenever possible

The combat system of Final Fantasy VII Remake is based on ATB. During a fight, two gauges will fill up under the character’s HP bar. When one of the gauges is full, you can spend it to use a skill, spell, or item.

Basic attacks don’t do much damage, but they fill ATB gauges faster so you can use more commands. You can also change characters regularly to be able to fill their gauges faster.

When an ATB gauge is available, be sure to spend it as your spells and skills are the best ways to deal damage to enemies.

Remember that you can block

There are two basic defensive techniques available from the start of Final Fantasy VII Remake: blocking and rolling dodge.

If you block, you will absorb enemy attacks while taking reduced damage. If you dodge, you can totally avoid the damage. Knowing this, you might think that dodging is the best option, and that would be natural. But this is not the case.

For one simple reason: if your dodge is not hit right at the right time and the enemy hits you, you will take the entire damage. Blocking an attack is a more reliable and often safer strategy, especially if you face fast enemies like the Shinra Fighters.

But blocking also has other advantages. Some enemies have attacks that can knock you down, but by blocking them, you’re likely to negate this effect. Even if you take some damage, you will be close enough to strike back at lightning speed.

Also note that if you block a melee attack with Cloud while in SOLDIER Bravery mode (activation with the triangle button), it will retaliate with a powerful counterattack. This is a significant advantage in the face of certain enemies, such as the above-mentioned combatants.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Treat yourself between fights

The citizens of Midgar are dangerous and many of them can do tremendous damage to your team. So make sure you start each fight to the best of your ability.

You can heal in combat using magic or items, but it will cost you an ATB gauge. This means that if you dive into battle with your HP in the red, you are likely to be eliminated before you can even enter an order.

Fortunately, you can use your items and magic for free outside of combat, so be sure to take a few seconds to boost your HP when you’re no longer in the heat of the moment.

Take advantage of the enemy’s weaknesses

Many enemies are weak against certain elements, if you can hit them with one of these attacks, they will feel it pass.

In the introductory sections of the game, a rule that you learn quickly is that if an enemy is mechanical, there is a good chance that he is susceptible to electrical attacks. Beings of flesh and blood will be sensitive to fire.

But past the initial levels, things get complicated. You will need to test different types of attacks to find out which ones are most effective on each enemy.

That said, you will get a little help. A little further on in the adventure, you will have the opportunity to acquire the Analysis material. Once equipped, you can use it to have a detailed view of the different weaknesses of your opponents. Practical, right?

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Learn to stun

If you really want to be the best in combat, you have to learn to stun your enemies.

Throughout the fight, a Shock gauge will fill up under your opponent’s life bar. As soon as its gauge is full, it will be unable to attack you and you will also deal much more damage!

This shock state is very powerful, so it is essential to understand how you can fill this gauge.

The first step is to quickly inflict damage on your opponent, so you’ll have to try to coordinate your team’s spells and skills to strike them relentlessly. If you deal with heavy damage to it in a short time, your opponent will go into the “Fragility” state.

When an enemy is weakened, its Shock gauge fills up much faster than usual. So you can use skills with high Shock potentials, such as Cloud Piercing Shock and Barret Fuel Shock, to complete it as quickly as possible.

Obviously, things are not always that simple. Some enemies are easier to stun than others, it will take your time to test your many options in the battle to develop strategies that adapt to your different opponents.

Take the time to explore Midgar

Final Fantasy VII Remake tends to tell you your main goal, but in general, there is no reason to hurry. Look around and explore, not only because Midgar is particularly beautiful, but also because there are so many items to find.

Between the care items, the Mako Stones that restore MPs, the music discs to put in a jukebox … You are not done wandering around.

But what’s even better, that most of these items will make your adventure easier or help you get out of awkward situations, so it might be worth it to think outside the box and browse around.

Try Classic mode

If you’re not a big fan of action mechanics or want to change the pace a bit, you should try Classic mode. You can activate it in the System menu.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Thanks to this mode, the characters move, attack and defend themselves automatically. You can, therefore, focus entirely on the instructions to give them through the Command Menu. Since you no longer need to deal with basic attacks and blockages, you have more time to set up your strategy.

This mode is somewhat reminiscent of the turn-based menu system of the original FINAL FANTASY VII, and with luck, it will also appeal to early fans.

These are just a few tips for Final Fantasy VII Remake, we hope they help you.

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