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7 Amazing Tik Tok Tips you must follow to become a TikTok star


Make your Day with Tik-Tok! Are you crazy about making Tik Tok videos? Let’s start, Getting goosebumps! Here are some Tik Tok tips to make you a star. Though Tik-Tok is not as famous as other social media apps like facebook, twitter, Instagram, but gained a lot of popularity since the day it gets launched. The app allows you to make Short video clips and share them with your friends and family. If you are a big Tik-Tok fan Then you are lucky to read these amazing tips.

TIk-Tok is the best mobile videos platform that has been using worldwide with great zeal. The purpose is to raise the creativity of the people that are hiding somewhere. With Tik Tok, you can create great memories of your everyday life and get fame too. You just need a smartphone, Tik-Tok app and your creative mind and appealing expressions to have more fun in life. TikTOk offices are in various areas worldwide, Beijing, Berlin, Jakarta, London, Los Angeles, Moscow, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo.  TikTok has gained exponential popularity since entering the U.S. market last year.

7 Amazing Tik Tok Tips you must follow to become a TikTok star
7 Amazing Tik Tok Tips

Tik Tok App

One of the studies found that TikTok is the most downloaded app in the year 2018. The app gets 1.2 billion installs from all over the world. At a time, 500 million users are always active on the app. The app is available for Android at play store, and for iPhone at the app store. Tik Tok is not only for kids or teenagers but its a platform for everyone to show your caliber to the world. Moreover, if you are not interested in making a video but watching them then its also for you. The app is latest Updated on September 5, 2019, with current version 12.9.4.  The Size of the app is 83MB.

TikTok features

  1. Watch millions of videos for endless categories. A personalized set of videos is also available on the app especially for you based on your history, likes, and shares.
  2. Show your caliber to the world at no cost.
  3. Add music and sounds to your videos without any additional charges.
  4. Emojis, stickers and face filters require no charges.
  5. Editing tools are easy to use to trim, cut, merge and duplicate video clips.
  6. Online streaming filters are regularly being updated with new, creative ideas.

Tik Tok Tips to be a Tik Tok star

To become the Tik Tok star you can follow these Tik Tok tips and I can bet after applying these tricks you would get instant fame:

1) Choose the Correct method to make video

It is very important to choose the correct method to make your content. You can use a smartphone or a tripod to make your video. Suppose if you are making a dance video then it is very important to go for a tripod as it will give you a correct angle for video formation. If you are mimicking something or uttering a song lyrics then you can simply use your smartphone. If you want to cover a larger background then you can use a selfie stick. So it is very important by which method you are making the video.

Moreover, it is very important to choose the correct mode for making the video. There are a lot of modes like slow motion, fast mode, etc. Suppose if you are new to TikTok and you have used fast mode then you may end up in mess. So better to use a mode which s comfortable for you.

2) Participate in Challenges

Participate in everyday challenges to boost up your profile. Tik Tok keeps an eye on the performers who participate in daily challenges and perform well. if they perform good, their profile will be boosted up. Don’t forget to use proper hashtags while posting your video.

3) Be a consistent performer

Consistency brings success. Be a consistent performer. Post at least one video in a day to become a Tik Tok star. When people start liking your video, they start searching for your videos every day and if they will no find anything new, it will disappoint them and they start searching for someone else. So it is very important to be consistent to have a good fan following.

4) Collaborate with other Tik Tok users

Follow the users who have a great fan following. Then try to collaborate with them. Make videos with them and post them. So their followers will start watching you and start liking your videos too.

5) Make a positive content

Always and ever, make good and positive content. Though people like your bad content once but steadily and slowly they will start disliking too. Make good videos, like funny videos, dance videos, emotional videos, etc.

6) Follow the lyrics properly

If you are mimicking a song, please learn and mimic the lyrics properly with perfect timings. A back and forth lips will make your video worse.

7) Be Real

Try to be you, try to be genuine. Try to choose a niche where you are most comfortable to the next Tik Tok star.

Final Verdict

Well friends, why to make life so dull and boring when we have apps like Tik Tok. Enjoy life by making and watching videos. Show to the world what you are and what is your caliber. This is the best platform to perform extra. The above shared Tik Tok tips will surely be helpful for you. Enjoy and make your day.

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