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6 Best IVR Software for your business in 2019 with Features comparison


IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response and this technology is commonly utilized by the telecommunication services. Not only telecommunication but also a wide array of small and large scale businesses are adopting IVR technique for better customer engagement. IVR software helps to convey all the incoming calls of customers to the most eligible agent so that they can solve out the issue of customers. Indeed IVR software in the need of every size businesses and if you are searching for the best interactive voice response software for your business then you have reached the right page.

IVR system helps you to create better relationships with your customers and better customer relationship means a good reputation of your firm. Apart from user engagement interactive voice response software allows you to solve out disputes in a quick manner, reduce costs, getting instant feedback from the users and much more. So to enhance the goodwill of your business here I have listed the 6 best IVR Software so go through the post and choose the most suitable one.

Best IVR Software 2019
Best IVR Software to enhance your customer user experience

Best IVR software 2019: Create a meaningful relationship with your customers


If you are looking for a reasonable but popular IVR system to enhance your productivity and also upgrade customer satisfaction then Zendesk is for you. It is a cloud-based software which is used by over 80000 companies like Groupon and Box. One of the best features of this software is its ease of use and you can access it where want on your desired device. Zendesk’s starting price is $ 5 per month and if you want to take a free trial then a free trial is also available. Doesn’t matter you are running a small scale business or a bigger one it is suitable for all types of businesses.


Bitrix24 is free software and over 5 Million companies are trusting on this software to upgrade their customer experience. Bitrix facilitates its users with CRM, taking, time management, etc in a social way which includes the liking, commenting, and profile of its users. Indeed it is a full-fleshed system to manage your firm online. Bitrix is the great software to simplify your communications with social aspects like liking and comments. As I said above Bitrix is free software but if you are looking for some premium facilities then its starting price is $ 39 per month.

Bitrix can be deployed on different OS such as Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC.


You can call it a customer experience testing tool which records and analyze the real world calls to fix out the error. In fact, ETS enables you to rectify your customer base via your IVR. After analyzing all the real world calls ETS conclude each and every call to determine that your users are getting the experience they want.

ETS’s load test attire empowers you to check the system capacity, the functional testing option allows you to locate new iterations, and if anything is going wrong then ETS will alert you.

Small, large, and big businesses can adopt ETS and it can be deployed on Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC. The starting price is $ 1280 per month and a free trial is also available.


If you are looking for an IVR solution for your sales and customer support team then I suggest you go for Cloudtalk which comes with 40+ advanced calling attires. Cloudtalk simplifies the task of your sales and customer support team and they can receive and make calls where they want means anywhere in the world.

Interactive voice response, real-time customer card, conference calls, automated call distribution are the chief attributes of Cloudtalk. Businesses can integrate Cludtalk with CRM, Helpdesk, and eCommerce solutions with the help of its one-click integration.

It is suitable for all size businesses and it can be deployed only on Windows and MAC. Its starting price is $ 10 and a free trial is also available.


If you are running an eCommerce site, transportation, and logistics business, or dealing in leisure and hospitality services then Freashcaller allows you to engross your team in contextual conversations with your customers. You can buy tool free numbers in over 40 countries, route calls, and fix custom business hours for different departments with Freashcaller.

Freshcaller is the best IVR software to enhance your customer engagement and to collaborate your whole team to upgrade your productivity. One of the best things about this software is that it allows you to record all your calls so that your team can listen and speak to customers in real-time.

Small, medium and large businesses can use it and its starting price is $ 25. If you want to test it before buying then a free trial is also available for you.


Cloudcall is the unique IVR software which enables you to amalgamate your phone communications straight to your CRM. After integrating both Cludcall cultivate your business relationship with your clients and customers as well. Indeed Cloudcall is the emerging software in terms of enhancing communications.

We are unable to show its price because the vendor didn’t provide its price. Its free trial available if you want to test it before buying. Good for all business sizes and compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows.

Summing up

Choosing the appropriate IVR software for your business is the trickiest task but after reading the post I hope you can easily decide which one is the best for you. Price, device compatibility, size of business are the key factors which decide which one is suitable for you. If you found the post informative and you are going to choose software after observing our views then please share it with your friends.

Any query regarding Interactive voice response software then put it in our comment box. We will give you the best solution immediately. Stay tuned for more tech and other general news.

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