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Bad news! Hackers sell 530,000 Zoom accounts! [ALARMED]

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After searching, the cybersecurity experts also found that some websites offer free Zoom user data.

The sale of these Zoom accounts was discovered by cybersecurity experts at Cyble. The price of this Zoom username, a password is less than 0.1 USD for sale, there is a forum to give away free of charge to members with many contributions.
With these credentials, bad guys can infiltrate meetings to sabotage or eavesdrop. Vandalism, invasion into meetings on Zoom are taking place quite popular recently.

In order to perform this behavior, the bad guy needs an email, password to log in to the user’s Zoom, meeting address and a 6-digit password.

The dangerous thing is that there are currently many Zoom accounts of large enterprises such as Citibank, Chase …
According to experts, the disclosure of data of 530,000 users does not mean that Zoom is hacked. Simply because the user has been exposed to data from before, there are many users with the habit of setting the same password for services so hackers can try to log in to filter out the above data list.

The proof for this is that it is possible to get some usernames, passwords to try to log in Zoom will see that some cases can be successfully logged in, in some cases a message will be changed.
For Zoom users at this time, experts recommend that users change their password and should not use the same password for all online services.

About Zoom app! What is Zoom Cloud meeting?

On the market nowadays, there is a unit of several cost-efficient online meeting solutions. But, to make sure specialized options for businesses, the zoom app is maybe not too strange for several users.

Zoom Cloud conferences are free to make online conferences with video or voice anyplace as long as there’s a connection of the internet.

zoom app

Zoom app is additionally employed by over 170,000 organizations. It’s conjointly one among the free and cross-platform support applications. Zoom Cloud conferences options a gathering of up to fifty individuals with clear quality, face to face, top quality screen video sharing and instant electronic communication.


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