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5 Best Sex Position you must try to get rid of bored sex life

Are you get bored from your regular sex life or want to make it more spicy, enjoyable and full of excitement, Than you must try some new and innovating Sex position. If you are in a long term relationship than these sex position will surely give you an experience of a new couple, even if you are going to start your sex life first time with your partner you can go for these Sex moves. Here we are going to share the 5 best Sex position you might have not tried before and will transform your boring sex life in an exciting one.

5 Best Sex Position you must try to get rid of bored sex life
Best Sex Position

Best Sex position you must try to get more fun

Dirty Laundry

As the name suggesting dirty laundry, so you need some laundry related stuff to have fun while doing sex. To make fun and to enjoy your sex life step out and find an interesting corner of your homes. You juts need a washing machine in this sex position, The women need to sit on the washing machine and wraps her legs around your partner. He will enter from the front of her easily. You can easily hug, kiss and enjoy some pretty romantic moment with each other in this innovating type of sex position.

Magic Mountain

This is one of the most using and easy ways to enjoy intimacy for lovers. Both partners need to sit in front of each other and look at the face of each other. Come close enough so that the eye contact could be very stronger and deeper. You need to sit close enough so that he can enter in you easily. Both the partner bent their legs on the other’s back and from arms as well. Nothing could be more sensual than trying this kind of sex positions while enjoying the romantic moment.


In this position, the woman sit on the lap of the man and wrapped him around from her legs. Both sit with cross legs to wrap each other. In this situation, women just sit in the lap, and he do all efforts, he starts to move slowly to insert inside her. In this position, both can make strong eye contact, hug each other, kiss madly and make the bond more beautiful and romantic.

Tub fun

Oh, what could be better than this position when you are trying to come over from a stressful day. So to get the extra fun and enjoy go to the bathtub with your partner and if you have a glass of wine in the tub it will be more romantic. Women will be laying down below and you come over her and there will water all around, so it would be the better way to relieve stress and enjoy better sex.

Standing-doggie style

I think you already have heard about the doggie-style sex position, but it will be a little different, here you will have to do this by standing. She will spread her legs and bends down, and the man enters her from behind. The position offers deep penetration and orgasmic view. So you can try it as well to make your sex life more innovative and interesting.

Wrap up

I hope you would like the best sex position we have listed here, you can try these ways to bring some joy and enthusiasm to your sex and romance life. Sex is a part of life and it should not boring if you want to keep your relationship healthy and loving.


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