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5 Best Places To Sell Websites in 2019 (Flippa Alternatives)


Do you want to sell your website or buy a new domain? Are you looking for best Flippa Alternatives? Welcome to the world of online entrepreneur playground, Flippa, and its alternatives. It is the world’s biggest online marketplace for buying and selling websites, domain names, and mobile apps. Flippa is based out of Melbourne, Australia. Sometimes we need more than FLIPPA and that’s why we are discussing here the best Flippa alternatives.

What is FLIPPA?

Flippa is a pretty old platform in the field and has an experience of 10 years. The platform takes the lowest fees comparing to all other same domain platforms and there are no fees for buyers. More than 2.5 lac business deals have been done till date with Flippa. Flippa charges a static amount of $15 per month and the rest of the charges are based on your deal, That is SUCCESS FEES. The Image is shown below telling the charges taken by Flippa.

flippa Alternatives

Flippa respect your decision of selling your business and Flippa can beat any of your quotations by at least 1%. But remember Flippa does not take guarantee to broker. Flippa broker network works in partnership with Flippa. Moreover, the guarantee is applied to success fees only.

Flippa Reviews

Flippa Alternatives review

Why we Need Flippa Alternatives?

There are some flaws with FLIPPA that both buyers and sellers have come across. That is why people need some alternatives to Flippa.

Issues reported by buyers

  • A lot of the website listings are fraudulent.
  • Some of the seller prices are too high
  • Bidding has sometimes increase budget crossing all limits.

Issues With Flippa for Sellers

  • Unnecessary messages from Spammers.
  • Fake bids on your Listing.
  • You will find that there are more fake bids than actual and real ones.

Issues reported by buyers and sellers are genuine but we are not saying that FLIPPA does not contain genuine website. There are a lot of genuine deals too. The thing is With Flippa you are searching over a precious stone in a pile of garbage. When it was started to online buying and selling websites and domains, Flippa gained a lot of height and was working genuinely too but with the increase in the marketplace, there are various Flippa alternatives has entered the stage and are performing well too. Now the question is where to Buy and Sell websites? What are the various sites like Flippa or better than Flippa? Below is the website listing.

5 Best Places To Sell Websites in 2019 (Flippa Alternatives)

I have already discussed Flippa’s issue with you according to buyers and sellers both. SO now have a look on Flippa Alternatives. Below given are the five best alternatives to Flippa.

1) Website Broker

Website broker is one of the best alternatives to Flippa. Here you can buy fully developed websites and domain name for sale. If you are a seller then you can list your website and reach thousands of potential buyers. The site is pretty old founded in 1997 by California Developers. It is the oldest in the field and proved to be the most reliable too. The process is simple and easy. Go to the website. Sign-up there if you are a new user and list your websites for sale. There is no hidden commission or cost. Here you can sell website for free. You can reach thousands of genuine buyers. You have the option to edit your listing anytime. The buyers contact you directly, no brokerage. Your listing will be active for 90 days.

2) Empire Flippers

Empire flippers website is based on the model of Flippa only but with some add-ons that make the website more secure. The tagline here is “BUY and Sell your quality Business here. this is the best place to sell and buy your high-quality website. The website is featured on many other big platforms. proving that it is highly reliable and authentic website. Go to the website, Review your business for sale, make a listing, done your deposits and go through a seamless transition.

The website is curates means it is free from scammers. No direct communication between buyer and seller. The websites focus on the well-developed website for sale, no starter website.

3) FE International

A “professional Website Broker” is the tagline here. Trade for your website with trust here. The site is pretty newer founded in 2010. The website has a 94.1% success rate of all deals. this shows that websites have no or a few spammers only. The process of buying and selling is highly-efficient and data-driven. More than 700 business sales are done to date. The main advantage of FE International over Flippa is The listings are genuine, real and high quality too. There is no direct contact, all the communication is done by the website team only. The information mentioned is relevant and up-to-the-mark.

4) BuySellWebsite

This website mainly focuses on startups rather than the established ones. The platform was founded in 2001 offers various services such as website appraisal, selling and buying startup as well as established websites.

5) Digital Point Forum

Digital Point is a place to buy and sell anything digital. The marketplace permits you to advertise anything virtually with CPM banner ads, CPM email ads, and CPC contextual links. Also, you can target specific users based on the location. The pricing starts at just $1 per CPM or $0.10 per CPC. You can involve in the forum and can choose a specific topic for discussion, where your chance of finding a broker is highly escalated.

The Verdict

Friends, Flippa is undoubtedly one of the best marketplaces to trade websites. But as it has some flaws that can not be ignored, I have discussed the best Flippa alternatives to you. Every Marketplace has its own advantages and disadvantages. Pick the one that suits best to you. If  I have to choose one, I would go for Empire Flippers.

I hope you would like the article. Share your feedback.

Thank you!!

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