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5 best Mint alternatives 2019 (Best Budget apps)


Fed up from Mint? Unable to sync Mint with other union credits? Don’t want to notice annoying ads? Suffering from poor customer support? If yes then its time search for Mint alternatives. Scroll down and reveal the best Mint substitutes to help you in money management.

Mint was launched in 2006 and that time it was the most popular finance management tool but currently, there are so many finance apps which outclassed Mint in terms of features. Because of certain issues, a wide array of Mint users are looking for the look-alike apps of Mint and if you are one of them then you are lucky to land here.

We are here with the list of best budget apps 2019 (Mint Alternatives) to pay off your bills and to track your expenses and budget as well.

Best Mint Alternatives (Best budget apps 2019)
Great money management tools: Best Mint alternatives

Best Mint Alternatives (Budget Apps)

1.Personal Capital

The foremost finance app which occupies the topmost place in our list is Personal Capital, give emphasis on investing. The bonus point is that Personal Capital is free to use app for your money management.

If you believe in investment to secure your future then Personal Capital is the best choice for you. Mint focuses on budgeting but Personal Capital plans your investment and saves your retirement.

Personal Capital gathers data from all your connected accounts and then inquire about your saving info and other aspects. For your ease, Personal Capital creates a graph on your dashboard which shows several factors regarding your savings.

Indeed Personal Capital offers you both budgeting and investing features to manage your money like a professional advisor.


You know very well that Mint tracks your spendings but is it enough? No, you need a brawny solution to plan your future spendings. YNAB will do this job for you but it is not free and you have to pay $ 84 annually to take its benefits. A free trial of 34 days is also available for you.

YNAB based on four rules: Give every dollar a job, embrace your true expenses, Age your money, and Roll with the punches. All the rules assist you to make the great use of your money means give emphasis on savings so that you can grab financial freedom in upcoming years.

I strongly recommend YNAB and I bet after using this tool you will never jump over any other budget software.


Let’s discuss our another Mint alternative, PocketSmith to create your budget via calenders. It is a web-based app which tracks down your one-time expenses along with recurring spends to promote you a fair idea of all your spendings.

All depends on you whether you want to create a monthly budget or a weekly. You can also generate daily budgets with PocketSmith. You can easily visualize your upcoming expenditures via its Google-like calendar tracker. One of the most impressive attire of Pocketsmith is it’s “What if” features which will aware you what will happen if you pass a year in Abroad.

Available in both free and premium versions but the free version comes with the limited features and if you are not satisfied with them then you can opt the premium variant for $ 9.95 per month. And if you are looking for an annual plan then it costs $ 89.


Love spreadsheets? If yes then Tiller is for you. You can manage all your spends and bills via spreadsheets with Tiller. One of the best money management tool which is quite easy to use and at the initial stage Tiller sync all your bank, loan and other accounts. After it, you can generate customize spreadsheets to keep a track on all your expenses and budget.

There are several types of spreadsheet templets for you such as household budget templet, Net worth tracker, debt snowball spreadsheet and if you want to generate your own then you can also create.

The only downside of Tiller is that it doesn’t provide any investment tool. But one can analyze his/her financial situation easily with the easy to understand spreadsheets and graphs. For Tiller, you have to pay $ 59 per year.


Our next entry in the list of best Mint alternatives is EveryDollar which follows the Zero-based budgeting principal. You will happy to hear that there is a popular finance expert behind its creation called Dave Ramsey.

EveryDollar is a budgeting app which is compatible for both Android and iOS devices to streamline your budget. Basically, it gives emphasis on budgeting and you can’t expect anything more with EveryDollar. Both free and paid versions are available and the paid variant costs $ 129 per year.

If you go for a free version then you have to enter all the transactions manually and the paid one comes with automated transaction support.

Wrap up

Happy now? I think you are glad to know about best Mint alternatives to end up the complexities encountering with Mint. Here you came through the 5 best look-alike tools of Mint and all have different features. Personal Capital is for investment lovers, YNAB is a dedicated budgeting tool, PocketSmith creates your budget with calendars, Tiller offers you spreadsheet facility for your money management and EveryDollar works on Zero-based budget principal.

Which one you are going to adopt for your money management? How’s the post? Loved it on not? Comments below. If you are currently using a budget tool which I didn’t mention here then share your experience with us. Still, any query regarding Mint substitutes then put it in the comment box.



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  • Nice article, I am using FinArt , you should check it out. It is one of the best app to track expenses and budgets automatically without losing control on data privacy