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Is 123movies legal and safe to use? Try Best alternative to watch movies online


Are you using 123movies as an online streaming service? Do you know is it safe to use? What if you are watching the content from an illegal site?

Afraid? of my questions???

Many people these days are ditching the old cable TV network and moving towards the Online Streaming Services. These Online streaming services are not free-to-use. You have to pay to watch your favorite content. So, what people are doing? People are going for options that require NO Cost Such as 123 Movies or GO Movies. But that’s not correct! You should not go for an illegal website as these websites are making money illegally. Also, these websites are not safe to use as these may infect your system with a different kind of malware, with the most threatening Ransomware. Is there any way to know is the site Legal and Safe to use?

Is 123movies legal and safe to use?
Is 123 Movies legal?

How do you know any Site is Legal and Safe to use?

Each and Everything hides inside the copyright section of the website. The websites that show Illegal movies are generally secured by copyright and they try to hide IP address from governments and internet service providers by using proxies and VPN services. If the website asks you to download their VPN software or any other third party software, then the site is not safe to use and it’s better to leave the site.

Another way illegal movie streaming sites try to hide their tracks is by giving information about DMCA takedown requests. If they have a whole section of their website dedicated to contacting them when an illegal movie is available on their site, chances are they don’t have an official partnership with any company to stream movies legally.

One more way is if you find the below-mentioned message on the site disclaimer policy then its illegal one.

“Disclaimer: No copyrighted or illegal content is hosted on the website. ll content is hosted on non-affiliated third-party websites.”

If a site is Legal then there will be all necessary information is available on the website like from where they are getting movies, making money through ads, and valid contact information.

What is 123movies?

123movies is an online streaming service allows the users to see pirated videos. There are millions of websites, similar to 123movies, are present on the web that provides you movies content at just no cost. In fact, 123movies network is a network of around 12 websites with a common domain.

Here you can find the newly released movie and you do not need to log in or signup anywhere. The website has a variety of content on it and thus it is becoming one of the most popular streaming websites.

Is 123movies website Legal and Safe to use?

Generally, if a website provides a movie without proper licensing then it is the illegal one. What happens is, these types of websites are basically based out of the countries that do not have copyright laws. 123movies, instead of providing copyrighted content on website, provide a link of pirated content and redirect you to another third party website.

without any doubt, 123movies is illegal in the United States. They do not have licenses for the content that they offer on their websites, despite the fact that they do not host the content on their site. Luckily, there are many legal and safe video streaming sites online nowadays which you can still use. These sites might not have new content and many videos and movies but you will not be caught in any trouble.

So, all the above discussion results in, 123movies is not Legal!

But now the question arises is the website safe?

The Answer is “A BIG NO”! There are many reports that confirmed that after using the website system gets infected with a lot of viruses.

So, 123movies is not safe to use!

Alternatives to 123movies

Do you know how much content the web has? if I talk about online streaming services then you may not have an idea that there are millions of websites providing the content. There are many alternatives to 123movies, safe and working!

1) Vumoo

Vumoo provides high-quality video and that too without ads, great! From Horror to Adventure, Vumoo database has a big collection of movies with different genres. You will find here what you are looking for. Their Database is updated regularly to keep their user base growing.

2) Sony Crackle

It is one of the best websites to watch movie online with no cost. There are a lot of films available like Star Trek, Can’t-Wait, Office Uprising, Take Shelter and many more. The best entertainment platform to enjoy your day. There is a long List of Movies on Sony Crackle you can watch. The app is also available for ease of use. There is no Disadvantage of the app except its availability is limited only to some continents.

3) Popcorn Flix

PopcornFlix is one of the best and Top-rated alternative to 123movies. The websites have everything starting from movies, Shows, Serials and what not! The genre collection is amazing and incomparable such as sci-fi, drama, romance, horror, and adventure. Popcorn has everything you are looking for and they keep their database updated every day for their users.

Before You Go…

If you love the free streaming services and choosing one then consider the above-mentioned points before taking any decision. Also, there are many alternatives present on the web, if you have any doubt then move away. 123movies website is not at all safe to you and maybe risky for your system too. Remember, Piracy is Crime!

Use a website only if you are fully satisfied and comfortable and assured of its privacy. I hope you would like the article and will found it beneficial in many ways. Mention in comments your queries.

Thank you!!

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