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10 top Clash Royale Tips and tricks to be the game Winner


Are you a fan of the fun battle multiplayer game?  Clash royale must be your choice then! Want to know some Clash Royale tips and be the boss? You are at the right place buddy! This article is all about the tips and Tricks to be the winner in Clash Royale. After the huge success of Clash of Clans, Supercell released another version of the same genre game that is Clash Royale.

Clash Royale Tips

Clash Royale is a multiplayer battlefield game designed for both Android and iOS. The game was globally released in 2016. The revenue clash Royale made in a year is more than $ 1 billion, that’s a huge success! The game is available as free to download and play. As you proceed in the game you can purchase unlimited gems for real money if you want. You must Remember Clash Royale tips and tricks at every point in order to win the game. The game is going with a constant high rating of 4.5/5. With more than 10 million downloads, the game is achieving large success. The Size of the game is 87 Mb only and the Current version(2.7.4) is updated the latest on 30 April 2019. To download the game, your phone must have an android version of 4.1 or more.

Download And Installation Guide

The Clash Royale is downloaded for Andriod via Play Store whereas for iOS it is downloaded from APP Store, Steps are the same for both. Here I am going to discuss for Andriod.

  1. Go to play store and search for “clash Royale”
  2. Download and Install the App and Open
  3. The game requires to download “Google Play Games. If it’s not on your phone, download it first by clicking “YES”
  4. Open the Google Play games and link it with your Default Google Account.
  5. Open Clash Royale again and  Learn the tips shown here.
  6. First, your Training will be done to Unlock Multiplayer Battles.
  7. Once you are done with the Training, Enter the Arena and Play!

Clash Royale Tips & Tricks

For you buddy, I am sharing here the Tricks to be the Winner, to be the Boss! We have Created a complete guide of tips and tricks for Beginners as well as advanced level Players. You are at Right place, Go slowly!

1) Attend Training Carefully

It is very important to do the training part carefully before proceeding further, Five Pieces of training are there. The Training will teach you how to attack, how to deploy troops, and how to upgrade your army. Always attack when your Elixir bar is full.

2) Join a Clan

You can only join a clan when your king is Level3. It’s very Important to join a clan because of many reasons. You can Request cards from fellow clan members to have a collection of different cards and by this, you will get your favorite card soon. You can also able to win Gold and king points by sharing your cards with other clan members. Remember, the clan Leaders actively look for the members who can donate their cards, otherwise, you may be kicked out of the team/clan. Join the clan as early as possible and be the active member of the clan.

3) Attack in Pair

Two are better than one, Many are better than two! It’s a good idea to attack in pairs with the clan. Remember it better to keep your milliunit in front and Range unit afterward. Milliunit contains Giant, knights whereas Rangeunit contains Archers, Musketeers, etc. If you will attack alone you will not have an option to divide your units and thus chances of getting trapped become more.

4) Upgrade your Troops

It’s very important to upgrade your troops. To upgrade your troops, you will need cards that you can either buy but it will cost you real money or you can fight battles to win the chests and get those cards. As you keep on winning the cards, you can upgrade your troops and win more battles. The process goes in the circular cycle.

6) Collect Your Resouces

Keep collecting your chests. Each chest contains different cards and one doesn’t know when you collect a chest which card you will get. make a collection, keep gathering!

7) Mix of Units

From the start, you should try to create a balanced mix among your units. Don’t just take strong units, which can cost a great deal of elixir, include some weaker,  too. Your cards should fit your fighting preference. If you play aggressively, take units that can move quickly. However, for those who prefer defensive tactics, utilize units that can withstand a lot of damage. But it’s really about the mix.

8) Be Patient

Don’t become panicked if your opponent is putting you under pressure or you lose a tower. He who acts hastily has already lost! When only one minute remains, don’t immediately throw all your units forward. Pay attention to the fact that your towers and the King’s Tower (the tower in the center) are protected.

NO limits to tips and tricks yet these are some common Clash Royale tips and tricks I shared with you. Remember them at every point of gameplay will make you the winner. I hope you would have enjoyed the article. Keep Sharing!

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